I hope I have started to convince you, and communicated some hope, that there is so much in your control when it comes to treatment or prevention of joint pain and disease, particularly osteoarthritis.

Although the type and manifestations of joint pain and osteoarthritis will vary greatly from individual to individual, there are some common threads throughout that will influence the level of inflammation, pain and associated dysfunction.

You can and will alter the destiny of your joints if you take action on what you will learn in the coming weeks.

How much? Time will tell.

“Yeah, yeah”, you might say, “but tell me about the supplements and other things I can take right now for relief, recovery and regeneration?”

We will get to that I promise, as that is an area I have researched extensively. I will share the exact formula I use to customize a nutrition and supplement program that switches your body to regeneration mode – not degeneration mode.

More importantly, I am going to make sure that the money you spend on supplements is well spent. I would like to prevent you from buying inferior products with inflated claims as “the cure for your arthritis”. We’re not talking about cures here, rather how to stimulate your body’s own natural regenerative and repair mechanisms.

If you want a long-term plan for joint pain, to treat or potentially prevent osteoarthritis, the plan must be comprehensive. A one-dimensional plan focused only on supplements is not likely to deliver the long-term results you desire.

Today, we are going to build your “basecamp” from which will we continue up the pathway to the summit of Mount Joint Regeneration. As if you were going to plan and train for an expedition, you must take a similar inventory of your preparedness for such a journey. 

You would want to train accordingly to forge the physical stamina and mental mindset to be successful.  You would want to learn and plan the appropriate nutrition to power your body through this challenge. You would want to acquire the necessary equipment and a handful of important tools, should you encounter some obstacles along the path. And finally, you would want to acquire the help of an experienced trail-guide who has taken others to this particular summit several times. It would also be very beneficial if this guide knew the best, and safest, route to get you there, and more importantly back.

One of my valued mentors shared a concept with me that I now use with patients to illustrate how we construct successful “summit pushes” with our patients.

He called it the Triangle of Health.

If you draw a triangle, within lies your DNA. Remember that your genetic code is responsible for approximately 30-40% of the equation when it comes to development of disease, or in our case, osteoarthritis.

The elements around the triangle will then have 60-70% of the effect to influence what becomes of your genes, and you, in time.

So what forms the sides of the triangle?

The 3 elements that are critical to your success:

Mental – This may be the biggest obstacle I see with patients in my practice. They would like the “silver bullet pill” to make a problem go away with little to no effort. What in life that you are really proud of have you achieved with little to no effort? You must move past the concept that the healthcare system, or your doctor, is supposed to “fix” you. And you must move past thinking there is a quick fix if you have been in pain for years, possibly from your own neglect. I believe you are ready to make this mental shift to a better long-term plan.

Physical – A few years back, the American College of Sports Medicine began using the slogan “Exercise is Medicine”.  And it truly is. Exercise on a regular basis to maintain functional and fundamental movement, strength, and cardiovascular fitness is not for health nuts, it is a vital component of maintaining a state of wellness. Find a form of exercise you enjoy, and prioritize this in your schedule. If pain currently limits you from doing so, we will work together to address that to allow you to return to exercise.

Chemical – What you put in and around your body will influence the chemistry within your body and within your joints. It will either support optimal function, or stoke inflammation and sub-optimal performance. What you choose to put in your body is up to you, every day, every meal. It is an investment in long-term health and wellness. (Much more on this in a future email)

Your health, and ultimate wellness, sits atop the triangle like a teeter-totter. Put more effort into the elements above, and you will tip in favor of wellness. If your effort isn’t directed into all elements of the triangle, or if only focused on one side of the triangle, can you really expect the outcome you would like?

What would that feel like if joint pain was no longer holding you back?

What would your days look like?

What would you do and whom would you do things with that you cannot currently?

Could you imagine reaching the summit of a real mountain if you wanted to?

I believe 100% that you can, if – and this is a very big IF – IF you dedicate your current lifestyle and priorities to the process of reaching that summit stretching skyward.

Why am I so confident?

Since happening upon “Mount Joint Regeneration”, I have been the trail-guide illuminating the path to that summit for hundreds of patients in my practice over the last several years.

The path is not an easy one, and you must at times train yourself to be patient with this different process, but I guarantee you that the view from the top is entirely worth your effort to get there.

Can I guarantee your results? Of course I can’t, but I can guarantee that the information and strategies that I am going to share, will stack everything possible in your favor.

After visualizing, planning, training, and then realizing your summit push, you will return home from this life-changing experience with the confidence to reach the summit again, or to summit any other “Mountains of Health” you wish to conquer. 

Think about that for a minute.

If you are up for the challenge, it just so happens that I am available to guide your way.

The rest will be up to you to take action on incorporating the recommended training plan, nutrition, and acquiring the necessary tools to ensure your success.

Let’s get started. Your summit waits.

Dr. Tait



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