Why Rejuv Medical Southwest?

Because we deliver better healthcare, and a better you.

If you search definitions for healthcare it can vary tremendously:

“The optimal achievement of therapeutic benefit, avoidance of risk, and minimization of harm”

“Degree of conformity with accepted principles and standard practices, satisfying the patient’s needs, and the attainment of acceptable outcomes, while making appropriate use of resources

At Rejuv Medical Southwest, I believe that true healthcare should be a partnership between the patient and healthcare provider. It should not be a dictatorship and it should not be a system built to maintain disease, or a state of artificial health. It should be a system of preventing disease, chronic pain, and the accompanying functional disability that ensues.

Our current healthcare system should be a system that delivers true healthcare, but for many in the system, that is not the case. Costly treatments, piles of medications, and other interventions are the mainstay of care used to treat symptoms and maintain disease.

Is there a preventive care system in place? Barely.

It is estimated that as little as 10% of the total healthcare budget in the United States is applied to preventive care. The other 90% is spent on treating sickness, disease, and functional decline – much of which in my opinion could be totally prevented with a better system.

As a Functional Medicine and Integrative Orthopedics specialist my entire focus is on restoring health, rebuilding the body, and optimizing how your body can feel and function at any age. It does not matter if you are eighteen or eighty. It is never too early, or late, to take steps each day to build a better body – so that you can live life on your terms, accomplish your dreams, and square off the life curve.

A sputtering decline of health and function is not my wish for you. This unfortunately has become an accepted “part of aging” in our country, but it does not have to be. It does not have to be your destiny. I want you to live in a state of maximal health, vitality, vigor, and function for as many days as you are given on this earth.

If that is what you desire then welcome to Rejuv Medical Southwest, your new healthcare system.

The mission of Rejuv Medical is simple – to restore the body through evidence based treatments and reverse the impact of disease and degeneration.

This begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your health and function so that we can build a comprehensive treatment plan. You will learn about the problem or disease, engage in the process of healing the body from the inside out, with our target always being to reverse or eliminate the presenting complaint by treating the underlying cause. You will be guided down the road to optimal health and function and given ownership for your new-found health.

How do we do this?

I utilize a Functional Medicine approach to seek out the root cause of poor health or function. I am not interested in masking symptoms and maintaining disease as is all too common in our current healthcare system. Through a systematic evaluation using state of the art diagnostic tools and laboratory studies, we can uncover the origin of the problem. From there we can build a sustainable long-term plan to restore the health of the body at the cellular level by correcting the internal and external environment that impacts how you feel and function.

This is accomplished by addressing the five major “spheres of influence” – nutrition, exercise, sleep quality, stress management, and social engagement or purpose. These broad categories will dictate how gracefully you age and how well your body performs as you age. When you take consistent steps each day to prioritize and improve each category you will experience life-transforming results.

As we build your treatment protocol, I may implement Integrative Orthopedics treatments to help heal incompletely healed injuries such as ligament or tendon strains or tears, joint degeneration, and nerve injuries. These treatments work harmoniously with your body’s own innate capacity to accelerate healing once we have restored the proper environment. I use these treatments to quickly reduce pain and set a course for long-term pain reduction or elimination. Again, my goal is to not have you mask symptoms for the rest of your life, but address the underlying root cause.

Finally, my treatments are integrated with our personal training staff in our Medical Fitness programs. You will restore or enhance efficient fundamental and functional movement patterns, build strength and endurance to maintain throughout your lifespan. We want you to learn a customized maintenance program to keep you healthy, independent, and out there attacking life rather than being a spectator on the sidelines. We want you to add life to your years, not just years to your life.

It is impossible to look at a newspaper or the news on television and not hear the stories and concerns about where the future of healthcare is heading.

I am not concerned. I am eternally hopeful and entirely optimistic.

I am optimistic because at Rejuv Medical Southwest we are building and delivering a better, and truer, healthcare system for residents of greater Tucson and Southwest Arizona.

If you have not yet experienced a healthcare system with a mission of “satisfying the patient’s needs”, or one that is working daily on “attainment of acceptable outcomes” than I encourage you to schedule a consultation with us today.

My calling in life as a physician is to leave a positive imprint on this healthcare system with every day that I am given. To guide patients out of the doom, gloom and frustration of what has become the “acceptable norm” in healthcare.

My mission is to help each patient or client that walks through our doors walk out with hope, purpose, and a team that will partner with them to guide, coach, and to not rest until they reach their fullest potential in life. To experience a life not held back by pain, poor health, disease, or declining function.

We will deliver better healthcare.

We will help you RESTORE your health, REBUILD your body, and completely REJUVenate your life.


Jonathan Tait, D.O.
President, Founder, Medical Director

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