Most gyms have built a successful model around you not showing up. In fact, if you did show up they would not have enough space, equipment, or classes for you.

I read an article reporting about one rapidly growing popular big-box gym. I won’t name names but their color scheme of purple and yellow (apparently marketing to L.A. Laker fans) and funny commercials poking fun at roided-out bodybuilders has built quite a following.

They market a specific angle – to appeal to the not “gym rat”. The person that wants to lose weight or get in better shape but might be intimidated to share a weight room with guys with chemically-altered physiques grunting and dropping weights. In fact they want to make it so comfortable for the casual gym-goer that they regularly provide perks such as bagel breakfasts and pizza dinners to show you they care! And to hopefully give the customers that aren’t coming on a regular basis a reason to show up a few times per month. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these are the busiest times of the month for the gym.

Hmmm. I’m not going to say you can’t have a bagel or a slice a pizza on occasion, but I wouldn’t be putting it out at my front counter as a business focused on getting you healthier. That would be like giving you a donut before you check in with your cardiologist for your heart catheterization examining the extent of your heart disease.

I wouldn’t call myself a nutrition expert (more or a guide) but not sure where bagels and pizza fit in to sound foundational nutritional advice. Maybe they do know some secret formula for getting their clients in better shape that I don’t know. Maybe “high carb” is going to be the next diet trend for 2015!

Or maybe they know exactly what they are doing. By throwing in these “customer appreciation” events they can help you justify that at least if you’re not using the gym on a regular basis you’re getting a few dollars of free cheap food every month for your membership dollars. And that may be just enough incentive to keep you from cancelling that membership. And, it will keep you stuck and struggling wondering why your weight or fitness isn’t improving that much despite your best effort.

The particular chain I’m talking about boast on average 6,500 members per location! Incredible right? What an impact they are having on improving the health and fitness of people in their community. And they only charge $10-$20 per month. What a deal!

The problem is that most of their facilities can only hold about 300 members maximum at any given time. That means that they can only accommodate less than 5% of their member base, and they know it. They are really not interested in whether or not you show up. They have already made their margin on you. This is the typical gym model that allows for the fanciest looking equipment, amenities that look like a high-end resort, and the all-you-can-stuff pizza nights – and still come out way on top.

If you took a poll of your family and friends, most do not like to be locked into long-term contracts. In another twist on the psychology of change, most big box gyms don’t actually have to push that hard to get you to sign up for a year contract. Why? They are great at helping (mostly with getting you to open up your wallet and hand over a credit card) you imagine that by having that membership card in your wallet you will be magically transformed into that vision of the “new you” that you so desire – and that brought you into the gym in the first place.

At Rejuv Medical Southwest, the model is much different.

  • We care if you show up, and we will hound you if you don’t. Why? This is a team effort – us and you. To get you to the finish line, that vision of the “new you” when other efforts have failed, there needs to be accountable. We will keep you tracking towards success with team support, rather than holding your credit card hostage for the next year.
  • We won’t lock you into long-term contracts. Our staff will get you results so that you will want to stay month after month.
  • We don’t use a room full of equipment to transform your body. Our goal is to teach you how to use a few inexpensive pieces of equipment to get amazing results.
  • We only have one-on-one personal training and small group classes. We do not run a membership model gym. Why? Simple. The do-it-yourself model fails about 90% of the people who try it. We will provide expert advice and coaching to help you break through barriers so that in time you can become part of the 10% THAT WILL maintain your health and fitness on your own.

Don’t let yourself fail again this year. If your resolution for better health, better fitness, and hope for a better you is sliding already, call us today to get started.

Committed to your health,

Dr. Tait

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