The American five-lined skink, or Plestiodon fasciatus, is one of the most common lizards in the United States, native to Virginia and surrounding states on the East Coast, throughout the Midwest, and even as far north as Canada.

It can grow to approximately eight inches in length, and has a distinctive coloring pattern with five yellow or white stripes along the body, giving way to a brilliant blue tail. They prefer wooded habitat or broken rocky terrain that can provide ample cover, as their bright coloring can make them quite attractive to potential predators.

What is particularly unique about the five-lined skink, is that when confronted by a potential predator, it deploys a defense system where it can disconnect a segment of the tail (that remains twitching on the ground) in order to distract the would-be predator long enough to make an escape. Even more incredible, is that the tail can fairly quickly regenerate, while the skink lives another day to cheat fate in mother nature’s survival of the fittest.

So what does a skink have to do with your joints?

Your joint tissue has the same regenerative capacity as the skink, and believe it or not, the default mechanism of your entire body is to continually regenerate – until that is, you are no longer.

That means that every cell, every tissue, and every organ within your body is in a perpetual cycle of regeneration that depends on yes, your age, but also the overall health of your body.

Old cells dye off to be replaced by new ones.

Healthier cells and tissues turnover more quickly and more completely.

In the structure of your joints for instance, every cell is turned over approximately every two years.

This is great news for you whether you suffer from joint pain, or wish to prevent it in the future.


I practice an entirely new and exciting specialty of medicine, Integrative Orthopedics, built around this very concept.

What is Integrative Orthopedics?

Integrative Orthopedics is a rapidly evolving specialty of medicine that employs the use of your body’s own healing cells and tissue to accelerate healing and treatment of pain, injuries, and disease.

Blood products such as platelets and bone marrow stem cells, as well as adipose (fat) tissue, are harvested from you, and then injected back into your body to stimulate regeneration of aging tissues that have been unable to heal on their own.

As a leader in Integrative Orthopedics, Rejuv Medical Southwest is the only clinic of its type in Southwest Arizona specializing in providing minimally invasive, non-surgical and cost-effective regenerative treatments for common musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions – most commonly joint and spine pain.

Why is Integrative Orthopedics a more comprehensive approach to joint pain?

At Rejuv Medical Southwest we utilize a Functional Medicine model of integrated care to explore the deeper underlying factors inhibiting your body’s capacity to heal. By addressing these factors to enhance your overall health, while initiating treatment, you will achieve superior results with the Integrative Orthopedics procedures performed in our office.

After performing your Integrative Orthopedics treatment, physical rehabilitation and performance enhancement will be initiated with the best physical therapists, athletic trainers, and personal training strength and conditioning coaches in the area.

Using this team approach we partner with you to provide the support and guidance on your pathway to better health and function.

What is unique about our delivery of Integrative Orthopedics?

Most treatments for joint pain, such as cortisone shots, only address the symptoms of joint pain, but do very little to address the root cause of the issue – chronic inflammation.

At Rejuv Medical Southwest, Integrative Orthopedics treatments focus on non-surgical treatments to quickly relieve pain and promote healing of acute or chronic muscle, bone, joint, ligament or tendon injuries. The focus is to quiet the chronic inflammation and heal the underlying problem, rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Whether you are a competitive athlete with a recurring condition, a weekend warrior suffering a sudden injury, a fitness enthusiast who has endured chronic pain while continuing to compete, or just feeling your age, a Integrative Orthopedics approach will help.

The distinctive stripes and blue coloring of the skink fade away to a generic brown with age.

I firmly believe that current symptom-management, generic strategies for joint pain and arthritis will also in time.

Integrative Orthopedics is the brilliant blue tail that stands out as a different and better approach to joint pain.

Do not have the quality of your life fade away with age.

Do not go the way of an aging skink.

We are committed to safer and healthier ways to treat your joint pain.

Contact us today at  to see if you are a candidate for Stem Cell or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.


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