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Your second step to a deeper understanding of Cellular Treatment and Integrative Orthopedics continues with this online webinar workshop.

Watch and listen to Dr. Tait present:

  • How he found his calling in medicine, now exclusively practicing Functional Integrative Orthopedics
  • Why he moved away from the conventional Orthopedic and Pain Medicine model he saw failing so many of his prior patients
  • The proprietary process he built in his new practice to get extraordinary outcomes for our patients

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*You also have the ability to post questions at the conclusion of the presentation. Our amazing team of Integrative Orthopedics experts will then connect with you to clarify anything for your particular situation.

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Is Cellular Treatment Your Solution?

Healthcare Has To Change

  • 120 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of daily pain (more than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined)
  • More than 30 million suffer with joint arthritis (estimated to double by 2025)
  • Over 1 million joint replacement surgeries are performed annually (estimated to increase to 3.5 million by 2030 – a 673% increase)
  • The current system of healthcare for treatment of joint pain and arthritis has not changed in decades.
  • Conventional “treatments” such as NSAIDs, cortiocosteroid injections, and opioid medications are wrought with side effects, and can actually accelerate the degenerative process in your body.

Healthcare will be forced to evolve as current treatments are not able to keep pace with a growing, aging, and active population.

With technological advancements in the field of Integrative Orthopedics, less invasive, non-surgical treatment options may be the solution for your pain – and are available today!

What if there were non-surgical methods that could replace your failing knees, hips, or shoulders?

Join us on a webinar to learn more about how Integrative Orthopedics can help you.


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  • Suffer from chronic joint or spine pain
  • Take pain medications but don’t really want to
  • Are considering joint replacement surgery
  • Have an injury that is not healing
  • Desire options other than surgery

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