A patient asked me the other day…

“What will it take to build immunity so I never get sick and this whole thing goes away?”

Wow. Huge question, right?

Let’s take the second part first, since that is on the mind of many right now.

My answer…

There will be no immunity without community.

What is true community?

Community: A feeling of fellowship with others, a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Your are likely reading this right now, because:

  • Like me you want to be your healthiest.
  • Function at the highest level possible.
  • For as long as possible

My commitment is to guide you to your best state of health.

When you are committed…

To regaining and optimizing that state of being…

It WILL be achieved.

Simple as…

However, not always easy as.

Immunity: Lack of susceptibility, especially to something unwelcome or harmful.

We are certainly living in a time that feels unwelcome.

It feels downright awful somedays…really.

We have all been through ups and downs.

Communities are being challenged.

Many we are seeing become more and more divided.

We are each battling personal challenges right now.

On top of that some are choosing to battle each other.

That, I do not understand.

With that, immunity, for the whole “herd”, seems like an impossible mission.

You want to know the reason why?

Neither immunity nor community can truly exist without UNITY.

Unity: The state of being united or joined as a whole.

As a country we are way off that mark.

As a healthcare system – not even hitting the outer ring of the target.

As a person though, we each have the opportunity to change that.

YOU have the opportunity to change that.

I have already chosen to change that!

When we truly care about the collective health of our community, things WILL change for the better.


I don’t think so.

We all need to care a bit more.

Think about others…

Not just ourselves.

If you’ve been doing that, I’m proud of you.

Keep it up.

Because I don’t care what the news cycle pukes in your face daily.

Things will get better.

Things will not remain this way.

They cannot stay this way.

In nature and human biology you can’t have a down, without an up.

There will be a correction.

A reckoning.

A rebirth.

A regeneration.

There are good people in the world.

They are doing good things.

Hang out with people like that…

And good things will happen in your life!

When you truly take care of your health it will also change – for the better.

Impossible task?


To do so, you WILL HAVE TO put yourself first.

You must be the gatekeeper of your mind.

You must also guard your energy and focus.

So that you can build momentum.

Get quick wins.

Start stacking them.

And KEEP stacking them.

That is when you will see and feel the results!

In time, it become automatic.

Your health improves. Your pain goes away. Your energy returns.

Nothing is standing in the way of you achieving that.

Not COVID-19. Not politicians. Not 100-degree heat. Not a flawed healthcare system.

If you believe nothing stands in your way.

Then nobody and nothing WILL stand in the way.

You make the rules for your life. You make the choices.

AND, you are the result of those rules and those choices.

Immunity to this entire situation is possible.

UNITY is required to achieve that.

To achieve immunity we must have UNITY.

To have UNITY we must have community:

  • A community that cares about one another.
  • By being kind to others.
  • By doing good for others.
  • By being constructive, not destructive.

That will bring the immunity, and resolve, that is needed for the future ahead.

Take care,

Dr. Tait

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