My method for treating joint pain is different. Every day I challenge patients to make hard decisions about their health, their priorities, and the value they place on maintaining optimal health as the age. This can make some patients uncomfortable.

My treatment outcomes are better. That makes the healthcare establishment uncomfortable.

My approach to healthcare is to understand you on a deeper level than the “care” provided by your local minute clinic. That may come as a crazy concept I know.

During our consultation we must answer the questions – Why?, How? and What?

Why did you end up in my office with the problem you have?

Why did your prior treatment(s) or the healthcare system fail you?

Why has the problem advanced to the state of impacting the quality of your life?

Why have you not been able to put your full effort into getting better?

Why do you feel it is your insurance company’s job to get you healthy?

Why are other things a higher priority than your health?

Why have you let yourself get to this state?

Whoa! Tough questions, I know, but we must cut to the heart of the “Why’s” in order to get to the root of why your health, and quality of life, has been suffering.

We must start with the “Why”

If we are to construct an individualized plan for you, and then line out the “How” and “What” I will do so that I can guide you to a better state of joint, and overall health – this is where you must start.

If we shift towards a Functional Medicine and Integrative Orthopedics model of care, we must did deeper with specific diagnostic tests to determine the underlying processes in your body that may be slowly failing, and in turn contributing to your joint pain.

With my method, we assemble a customized plan of care that firmly places you, the patient, at the center of the treatment plan – in control.

This is much different than what I hear from most patients when they describe their treatment prior to arriving in our office – out of control, confused, frustrated, and some even lacking a clear diagnosis of what truly ails them.

I start each consultation by teaching you about the essential foundation, or what I refer to as your trail-map, that we must put in place if we are to restore not just your joint health, but overall health, and optimize function at any age.

There are four critical elements that must be addressed in order to optimize the health of all seven of the core physiological processes within your body so that you can heal:

  • Food Quality
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
  • Chronic Infections
  • Environmental and Chemical Exposures

Moving on to the “How?”

How will I determine what specifically your body is lacking, or alternatively what is compromising your health, healing, and regenerative capacity?

By looking at the problems from a different perspective, with a handful of very specific tests.

There is a reason why your other tests “were normal”, “didn’t give the answer”, or “couldn’t pin the diagnosis”. Simply – they were not the tests needed to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Four tests will provide the necessary information needed to restore your health, jump-start the rebuild, and enhance the regenerative potential of your body as you age – regardless of age:

These are not tests routinely performed by your other health care providers – unless they have been trained in Functional Medicine. The information gained will build the foundation for treating the underlying contributing factors of your joint pain or poor health.

Like a building, if we don’t first set a solid foundation for your health, than there is a good chance that the structure, your body, joints, or spine, will fail and crumble in time.

Then we must rid your body of unnecessary chemical medications that only mask the symptoms of your joint pain or osteoarthritis while they deteriorate further. They are doing nothing to impact the healing of your joints.

Replace these medications with a variety of natural pain-relieving supplements with added side benefits for the health of your joints and body:

Joint Health Formula – provides essential building blocks of joint tissue more effectively than glucosamine and chondroitin alone

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – naturally decreases inflammation in the body while boosting brain and cardiovascular health

Repair Guard – antioxidant formula used to decrease inflammation and slow aging due to oxidation reactions

Theracurmin HP – a potent natural anti-inflammatory and the most bioavailable turmeric product on the market2

Now the “What?”

What will you do to take control of your health?

What would you like the quality of your life to be?

What will you do to get there?

What can you re-prioritize in your life?

What would it feel like to not be held back by joint pain?

What will you do when you get there that you can’t today?

What will you do today to achieve a better outcome than before?

Tough questions.

Tough decisions.

The choice is yours.

What path will you choose?


  2. Sunagawa Y, et al. Colloidal Submicron Particle Curcumin Exhibits High Absorption Efficiency – A double-blind three way crossover study. J Nutri Sci Vitaminol. 67, 37-34. 2015

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