After 3 months, 2 doctors visits, one trip to urgent care and one chiropractic visit I found Dr. Tait and staff. I am an experienced RN and was very impressed by the way I was treated from the first phone call, they listened, cared and made me feel hope. I went from crying in pain and unable to sleep to getting my life back with 2 weeks. I Hope I never experience this kind of pain or injury again but if I do I will have them on speed dial.

—Stephanie Rosio

My wife Judy is a patient of Dr. Tait. She feels fortunate to have found such a caring, accomplished and knowledgeable Doctor. He always spends time to review and explain her issues. His helpful staff make her feel that they take an interest in how she’s doing as well. She has highly recommended Dr. Tait and Rejuv Medical to anyone who needs to solve difficult issues.

—David Rogoway

The staff was bright, friendly and tentative as well as organized and professional. As I always expect the latter, it was refreshing to go to such an important dr appt, as I am in great pain, and not feel nervous about seeing the doctor.

Doctor Tait listened and was attentive. I felt heard and understood, but more importantly he was able to pinpoint my problem areas and quickly gave me solutions for temporary pain relief until further tests can be run. I was impressed at Doctor Tait’s ability to locate the nerve causing my pain only a few minutes into our consult. He is extremely intelligent, but most worthy of all, he is kind and compassionate. I would recommend him to anyone currently seeking medical treatment to help rejuvenate their health care needs.

—Misty R

I first saw Dr. Tait 2013 with unbearable pain following an ankle surgery. Dr. Tait was the first Doctor who really listened and understood the type of pain I was experiencing. He provided me an approach to pain management that helped me get out of pain and back to enjoying life again (and off of all pain medications!). I can’t say enough about how fantastic Dr. Tait is. I highly recommend him to anyone who is experiencing a lingering problem and wants a pro-active approach to their treatment that’s not limited to pills (in fact quite the opposite).

—Jon Bialis

After a year of not being able to compete in tennis and pickleball because of severe hip pain, and bouncing between Orthopedic and Neurology possible solutions, such as back surgery and hip replacement, Dr. Tait correctly identified the problem. After an MRI to specifically identify the exact problem area, the solution was two or three PRP injections, my own blood and non-invasive. After two injections and a twelve week internal regenerative healing process, I am back on the tennis and pickleball courts seven days a week. Thank you Dr. Tait.

—Jim Hefele

After an internet search to find someone in Tucson who worked with Stem cell replacement therapies, I found Dr. Jonathan Tait. I made an appointment with him in January 2016 and we decided to try the PRP (plasma rich platelet) injection therapy on my left knee. I have osteoarthritis in both knees but my left was the worse one due to meniscus surgery back in the 70’s. My goal is to continue to play competitive badminton through my Century mark. (I am now 63)

I had two series of injections paired with Dr. Tait’s very well researched supplements and physical therapy (Agility PT/Tiffany Hodges – highly recommended!!)

Bottom line – it all worked! And by the way, my osteo surgeon had said I was headed for knee replacement surgery in the future. I had resolved I was not going to do that, ever!

I am back on the courts, rebuilding my stamina. I do not have the pain I did last winter. Sure, there is some – but it is equal in both knees and due to the strain I put on my legs by playing. I know I need to keep up with my exercises, supplements and take a little more weight off.

If I need to have another round of injections or if ANYTHING else is going on in my body, I will definitely reach out to Dr. Tait. And one other thing that sets him apart from any other medical practitioner I have dealt with – he answers you directly through email! His goal is to help you be healthy and happy no matter your age and not have your body hold you back.

If you want to follow my journey, send me a message via Facebook and I will add you to my private group – Path to Knee Health. And if you have a problem with a joint or your back or a sports injury – talk to Dr. Tait and see what he might be able to do for you. It is truly a beneficial alternative treatment plan.

—Marylee M. Pangman

I highly recommend Dr. Tait. He really listens to you and asks great questions to find the source of your pain. Then he is very pro-active with his treatments and does excellent follow ups.

—Charlie Kaetz

I sprained a muscle in my lower back and was in intense pain when I contacted Dr. Tait. He helped me understand the cause of my pain, and recommended immediate and long-term treatments. I can’t stress enough the importance of speaking to a Dr who has a deep understanding of the skeletal muscular system, and how injury and/or misalignment can affect your body. Dr. Tait is passionate about helping patients with pain and providing sustainable solutions. I highly recommend him.

—Jason Kopp

When I first met Dr Tait several years ago I was in severe pain and sometimes using a walker to get around following two back surgeries. My medication list was very long including five types of blood pressure medications. He introduced me to several books (one of which he authored) regarding the relationship between diet and pain and inflammation. As I converted to a healthy whole food diet I began to feel better with less pain and was able to get off all the blood pressure meds. In the process I also lost about 50 lbs and regained the ability to exercise.

Dr Tait, Dawn, and Janet always “go the extra mile” and I highly recommend them.

—Dennis Artery

Really great Doctor and Staff. Thanks for the great service you provided me.

—Chuck Olson
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