After suffering from daily migraine headaches for two years and bouncing from one neurologist to another, I finally agreed to ablation of the neck nerves. This helped some, but I was still suffering with too many headaches (waking up with them each a.m.) The last neurologist I went to (Dr. Carol Hendricks) referred me to Dr. Tait to consider PRP. I was skeptical and it took me awhile to make a phone call just to check the possibility of a consultation. Janet (front office) answered the phone and was so kind and answered all my questions with such concern, I really wanted to make an appointment after talking with her. Best decision I ever made. I have had 3 PRP procedures and it has changed so much for me. No longer waking up every a.m. with a headache, wondering if I would be able to function through the day or spend it in terrible pain and nausea, taking whatever drugs I could think of to help me get through the day……That has all changed. It is so wonderful to not have those headaches and pain! I do have an occasional headache, but nothing that can’t be handled with a couple of Tylenol……Big change from all the big gun drugs I was having to take just to function.
Dr. Jon Tait is the best and he has the best office staff ever. Immediate attention is paid to my every concern and I tend to be a very anxious person!
I highly recommend anyone suffering from unresolved pain in any part of your body to at least consider this procedure. I am thrilled with the results!
Sandra Joy Van Hall

Great place with fantastic people- experienced professionals that truly care- cutting edge treatments and therapies to optimize health. Love it. – Taggart Downare

Highly Recommend Dr. Tait! I suffered from knee pain for years and his treatment program reduced my pain significantly. Very satisfied! – Bill Bracco

I have had some difficult symptoms to deal with and I have always wanted a doctor that would look outside the common medical box that most doctors use today. Basically find the cause of the problem and fix that instead of throwing antibiotics as the only solution. For me the challenge in finding the proper solution was cost. Since I have been one of Dr. Tait’s patients my situation as gotten better together we have found that I am gluten sensitive and deficient in some important minerals and vitamins. I’m feeling much better and I am still working on an exercise program I can afford. Thank you Dr. Tait and staff for caring enough to work with me and help me achieve better health in a world of uncertainties. I pray we will continue to work towards better medical care. Thank you again for all your hard work keep it up. – Cherie Cheney

I am a 55 year old male with several chronic health issues.Spine,knee,ankle,and thumb deterioration.I have been treated by several doctors and surgeons locally and nationwide.Dr Tait is number 1 on my list.He truly cares! Dr Tait is very bright and “state of the art”,in what is going on in the ever changing field of new medical treatments and information.It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr Tait.  – Allen Ozdemir

Dr. Tait has helped me a lot with my medical problems and gives alternative treatments. And most of all he takes the time to listen to you to get a complete picture of what is going on so that he can give you the alternatives to help you. I am so glad my Doctor recommend him. – Millie Zeman Grimes

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