Pain Doctor, Orthopedic Doctor or Regenerative Doctor?

Sep 26, 2018Integrative Orthopedics, Pain, Patient Experience

How to know if your pain doctor is practicing Integrative Orthopedics or Degenerative Medicine

What separates the top-notch clinics – the ones that get great results – from the so-so clinics not seeing great results? There are three common attributes that encompass every clinic and their treatment philosophy.

Precision Of equal importance is having a precision-guided treatment. The process of how your treatment is delivered will certainly influence the outcome. If the goal we are working towards is to hit what may feel to you like a distant target – relieving pain, improving function, and returning the quality of life you have lost over months of years – would be better to use a shotgun or a sniper rifle to hit that target. Over thousands of hours of treating patients, and hundreds of hours training with experts, I have developed a precise way of delivering Regenerative treatments. I think of this much like a sniper rifle that we can clearly site in and visualize our target, take precise aim, and if properly prepared – hit the target squarely in the center. Most clinics however use a shotgun approach to treatment. They may take aim at the distant target, but they are not clearly seeing the target you have. The tool they are using is not likely to hit that target because it has not been properly prepared, really cannot be precisely aimed, so never really had a chance to hit your target.   Practice The final piece of the puzzle for why we achieve better results than most practices dabbling in Integrative Orthopedics, is that we have years of practice and continually refine our process. I am constantly training and learning from the best in the field. (I’m actually typing this on a plane returning from my most recent conference) Integrative Orthopedics is my calling, and all I study and focus on day in and day out in my practice is how to give each patient a healthier and higher quality of life. Every treatment plan I strongly recommend is intentionally designed to have a healing or reparative effect on the body. I know the why, how, and what we need to do to turn on the healing systems in your body. It is what I want for you, but it is up to you, the patient, to want that for yourself. Let us compare and contrast that with other specialists that may be offering Regenerative treatments in their practice.

Orthopedic Surgeon’s Primary Focus:

  • Primary focus is surgery (and should be)
  • May dabble a bit with Integrative Orthopedics when not in the operating room.
  • Do you think they are studying this as much as I am, up on the latest techniques, and really, really care about the outcome? A couple I have met at conferences absolutely, but they are outliers.
  • Most surgeons think Integrative Orthopedics is “bunk” and tell their patients as much.
  • They are not likely to follow the literature being published weekly that shows this is not bunk.
  • Their focus is surgery and always will be.
  • If they do perform these procedures and do not get a good outcome, they get to do surgery on you as well.
  • If your goal is to have surgery or know that your problem requires surgery – by all means see a surgeon.
  • If your goal is to hopefully avoid surgery – see someone who is not a surgeon!


Pain Doctor’ Primary Focus:

  • Have been lured into Integrative Orthopedics by companies marketing “quick and easy cellular treatment” – essentially store bought “cells in a syringe”.
  • Much of what is being offered in this arena is not true Cellular Treatment, but rather some growth factors that may trigger some healing, but are certainly not as powerful as legitimate Cellular Treatment. [Note: You can learn all about this in my latest book –Consumer Guide to Cellular Treatment.]
  • Spend most of their time prescribing medications and shooting steroid medications that degenerate the body. (I know – I used to be one!)
  • Then they jump in the next room and attempt to provide Regenerative treatments. Seems like a conflicting practice model if you ask me.

I believe you have to be “all in” practicing Regenerative treatments to do it really well. There is just so much to know and keep pace with as it evolves. You cannot be a “part-timer” and do well by your patients. What dabblers do:

  • Spend little time continuing their education to learn better protocols, better technology, and better technique.
  • Form opinions on things they do not understand deeply, rather than laying out the state of the evidence and their expert experience with other patients
  • Market a service with the hope you either shop on price for the cheapest treatment, or do not ask many questions.
  • Do not thoroughly educate you, the patient, to make the best decision.


My Commitment to you, as a Regenerative Doctor

I am constantly updated my knowledge to deliver the most advanced treatments. I am always updating our technology to stay on the advancing edge of Integrative Orthopedics. I have an ethical obligation as a physician to first do no harm and also to fully inform you about the treatments I offer. I have a calling to educate patients and others in my community on what Integrative Orthopedics may be able to do for you, someone you care about, and the future of our Healthcare system.

The Three Fundamentals are:

  1. Preparation
  2. Precision
  3. Practice

Preparation It is of critical importance to have your body and mind well prepared, when it comes to success with regenerative treatments. If you still have not jumped into our free 28 to Regenerate program, you can here.

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