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64-Year Old’s Knee Improves 90% From Cellular Treatment

“I am a female and 64 years old, retired from law enforcement, have horses and bike ride.  I have always been active. My left knee  started swelling in December 2016 for an unknown reason, in a couple weeks I had a lot of pain and could hardly walk. I saw a surgeon and he suggested a meniscus repair. Surgery was done. My knee after surgery was in a bent position and I was unable to straighten the knee, and I could not walk without pain.  Now my condition was worse than when I first saw the surgeon. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic therapy and cortisone shots.  Next steps suggested included gel injections or knee replacement surgery.  I felt I was too young for the surgery and heard that knee replacement surgery only lasts 10 to 15 years.

I did research and found Cellular Treatment.  Although not covered by my insurance I made an appointment with Dr Tait. He and the staff were great, and all of my questions were answered.  I had the procedure done in August.  I cleaned up my diet, took the recommended supplements, did physical therapy and now in October 2017 I feel I am 90% better than when I came in.  I highly recommend this procedure with Dr. Tait’s team. I am now exercising in a pool to build my muscles around the knees and doing one on one physical therapy once a month. I plan to start start walking 2 Miles three days per week and get back on my horse and bicycle within the month!”
~ D. Lewis

55-Year Old Overcomes Several Chronic Health Issues with Cellular Treatment (Spine, Knee, Ankle & Thumb Deterioration)

“I am a 55 year old male with several chronic health issues – spine, knee, ankle, and thumb deterioration. I have been treated by several doctors and surgeons locally and nationwide. Dr. Tait is #1 on my list. He truly cares! Dr. Tait is very bright and “state of the art” in what is going on in the ever changing field of new medical treatments and information. It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr Tait.”
~ Allen Ozdemir

Osteoarthritic Patient Starts Training For El Tour de Tucson Shortly After Cellular Treatment Treatment

“Before I was seen by Dr. Tait, I had horrible knee pain due to osteoarthritis which kept me from doing basic things that I wanted to do. My knee would ache and swell at the end of the work day. I was unable to ride my bike. It got to a point where I couldn’t do my nightly walk which, as an active person, was devastating. I was taking anti-inflammatories around the clock and was worried about my kidneys. Dr. Tait recommended hyaluronic acid injections and they have made a world of difference. I am walking without difficulty and riding my bike as much as I like. I rarely take anti-inflammatories. I am even training to ride El Tour de Tucson! Thank you Dr. Tait!”
~ Deborah H.

63-Year Old Patient Avoids Knee Surgery in Both Knees After Seeing Dr. Tait For Cellular Treatment

“After an internet search to find someone in Tucson who worked with Stem cell replacement therapies, I found Dr. Jonathan Tait. I made an appointment with him in January 2016 and we decided to try the PRP (plasma rich platelet) injection therapy on my left knee. I have osteoarthritis in both knees but my left was the worse one due to meniscus surgery back in the 70’s. My goal is to continue to play competitive badminton through my Century mark. (I am now 63)

I had two series of injections paired with Dr. Tait’s very well researched supplements and physical therapy (Agility PT/Tiffany Hodges – highly recommended!!)

Bottom line – it all worked! And by the way, my osteo surgeon had said I was headed for knee replacement surgery in the future. I had resolved I was not going to do that, ever!

I am back on the courts, rebuilding my stamina. I do not have the pain I did last winter. Sure, there is some – but it is equal in both knees and due to the strain I put on my legs by playing. I know I need to keep up with my exercises, supplements and take a little more weight off.

If I need to have another round of injections or if ANYTHING else is going on in my body, I will definitely reach out to Dr. Tait. And one other thing that sets him apart from any other medical practitioner I have dealt with – he answers you directly through email! His goal is to help you be healthy and happy no matter your age and not have your body hold you back.

If you want to follow my journey, send me a message via Facebook and I will add you to my private group – Path to Knee Health. And if you have a problem with a joint or your back or a sports injury – talk to Dr. Tait and see what he might be able to do for you. It is truly a beneficial alternative treatment plan.”
~ Marylee M. Pangman


Headaches Treated with PRP Therapy Solves Chronic Neck Pain Issues

“After suffering from daily migraine headaches for two years and bouncing from one neurologist to another, I finally agreed to ablation of the neck nerves. This helped some, but I was still suffering with too many headaches (waking up with them each a.m.) The last neurologist I went to (Dr. Carol Hendricks) referred me to Dr. Tait to consider PRP. I was skeptical and it took me awhile to make a phone call just to check the possibility of a consultation. Janet (front office) answered the phone and was so kind and answered all my questions with such concern, I really wanted to make an appointment after talking with her. Best decision I ever made. I have had 3 PRP procedures and it has changed so much for me. No longer waking up every a.m. with a headache, wondering if I would be able to function through the day or spend it in terrible pain and nausea, taking whatever drugs I could think of to help me get through the day……That has all changed. It is so wonderful to not have those headaches and pain! I do have an occasional headache, but nothing that can’t be handled with a couple of Tylenol……Big change from all the big gun drugs I was having to take just to function.
Dr. Jon Tait is the best and he has the best office staff ever. Immediate attention is paid to my every concern and I tend to be a very anxious person!
I highly recommend anyone suffering from unresolved pain in any part of your body to at least consider this procedure. I am thrilled with the results!”
~ Sandra Joy Van Hall

Patient Returns to Tennis and Pickleball Courts After 12 Weeks with PRP Therapy.

“After a year of not being able to compete in tennis and pickleball because of severe hip pain, and bouncing between Orthopedic and Neurology possible solutions, such as back surgery and hip replacement, Dr. Tait correctly identified the problem. After an MRI to specifically identify the exact problem area, the solution was two or three PRP injections, my own blood and non-invasive. After two injections and a twelve week internal regenerative healing process, I am back on the tennis and pickleball courts seven days a week. Thank you Dr. Tait.”
~ Jim Hefele

A Patient Expresses Gratitude Toward The Staff at Rejuv Medical Southwest

“Dr. Tait, Janet, and Dawn comprise the most personal, efficent, and state of the art medical team I have enjoyed working with. On top of that – they are a lot of fun! I bring the them a host of chronic and quite serious medical problems and I have been seeking alternatives to surgery for those problems. Dr. Tait is one of the very few forward thinking physicians who is courageous enough to step up and offer solutions to someone like me. I have seen him for two PRP treatments for my right knee and I am hopeful that I will not need replacement surgery if I continue under his care. I am grateful for not only his help but for the quality service I receive from Dawn and Janet as well. They give me great hope.”
~ Ron Williams

“It Went Further Than Just A PRP Treatment For Me,” A Patient Finds Even More Success Post-Care

“I find Dr. Tait to be a very competent Orthopedic physician. He is thorough in his diagnoses and offers effective treatment. He has treated me for elbow tendinosis and frozen shoulder, two tough conditions. I particularly like his patient email contacts informing me about issues and progress in the area of healthy living. I am also very impressed with the friendliness and proficiency of his office staff.”
~ Al Bolty

“Knowledgeable and Experienced… Staff is Friendly and Sharp.”

Dr. Tait has treated me with Prolotherapy for shoulder and elbow pain. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. I appreciate that he allows plenty of time during his appointments to thoroughly explain the injury and treatment and to answer questions. I highly recommend Dr. Tait’s functional medicine practice. His staff is friendly and sharp.
~ Carol Adams

Patient Experiences Noticable Improvement with PRP Therapy for Treatment of Rotator Cuff and Bicep Tears

“I am currently receiving PRP injections for my right shoulder rotator cuff and bicep tears. Dr. Tait and his helpful, friendly staff members, Dawn and Janet, have provided excellent, attentive and expert care. I highly recommend visiting Rejuv Medical Southwest if you are experiencing any joint pain and want alternatives to surgery. Dr.Tait offers cutting edge options to reduce pain and inflammation for any joint issues.”
~ Susan Gerstad

Another Happy Patient After PRP Treatments

Dr. Tait and his staff are very good at what they do. Dr. Tait’s approach to solving arthritis and other joint issues is very professional and progressive.
~ Tom Throne


  • review rating 5  77 year old female athlete recovering from injuries. When I started with Dr. Tait in the summer of 2019, I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I am a former runner and current hiker and exerciser. Years of misuse and one double back surgery had left me almost non-functional even though I had been pursuing physical and massage therapy, chiropractic care and nutritional support for years. The physical therapy I had prior to coming to Rejuv Medical Southwest had left me in pain after 16 sessions. The pain was located in my left sciatic joint with pain radiating down the back of my left leg. Dr. Tait and I decided on a treatment protocol that included one platelet rich plasma treatment and three exosome treatments in conjunction with physical therapy at a new location that Dr. Tait recommended. I began the PT two weeks after my first treatment. At home I began walking. At first, I could barely go for five minutes. Each day I added a bit more and after three months I am able to walk for three miles and I am back hiking with my friends of twenty years. We are usually on the trail for two to three hours. Now at three and ½ months post first-PRP treatment and 80% improvement I have just received another round of PRP injections to build on the initial improvement. I continue to pursue at-home physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care and a healthy diet. Very importantly, I am religious about my daily, morning stretching routine. It is not complicated, and I know that it will be a life-long practice if I want to remain functional. My dad lived to 101 ½ years. His encouragement was to always keep moving, which he did. Knowing that I may (God willing) have twenty to twenty-five more years in this body, I plan to keep it out of a wheel chair! My children will thank me! And I thank Dr. Tait for his expertise and caring. He is the real deal!

    thumb Deborah Tollefson

    review rating 5  Dr. Tait and his entire staff are very professional, answered all of my questions in a freindly manner and made me feel at home. Anyone thinking about knee replacement should first consider Cellular Treatment. I had my left knee treated 3 months ago and am very happy with the results.

    thumb Mike Bartoletti
  • review rating 5  Dr Tait is a master educator which I believe is a critical trait for health professionals. He matched my concerns with data from the tests that I took, explaining how I can address my health issues without using drugs (Which create their own health issues). His approach has given me hope that I can solve my health concerns by addressing the source on a permanent basis rather than going for a “quick fix”. I’m looking forward to getting his summary notes as a source for validating what I learned from him today. I also appreciated his openness to hearing from me regarding any questions, etc. In addition, I want to say that a large part of my positive experience is with his assistant. . Denisha Brown. She is so supportive and knowledgeable.

    thumb Anne Walcott Sween

    review rating 5  After departing Tucson Orthopedic Institute having been told that I needed to have both of my knees replaced and to call the institute when I was ready to proceed, I returned home and called my sister a retired nurse to tell her of my situation. She told me not to do anything until I checked with Blue Tail Medical in Chesterfield MO. because they were using cellular treatments to help people needing knee replacement. I went to the internet and found out something of Blue Tail Medical group and proceeded to call them. They advised that the following week a Dr Jonathan Tait from Oro Valley was being certified for the Cellular Treatment procedure and would be up and running in his home office within a couple of months. I called his office for an evaluation to see if I would qualify for the procedure. After evaluation, he told me that he would give me a call when the people from Blue Tail were setting up his office. An appointment was set for April and I went to his office for the procedure. It lasted about three and a half hours after which I left his office and drove home. The crutches I had when entering his office were put away when I got home and I have been free of pain in my knees since. I underwent six weeks of physical therapy to get my muscles and joints working together again but have not used a pain pill since the procedure. I work in my garden, rototill and dig as though I never had a problem. I worked the first two phases of the 2020ceensus and plan on working the next phases as they become available My knees seem to be getting better all the time. For anyone contemplating knee replacement, I highly recommend that you visit with Dr Tait to see if there might be some way to avoid the surgery. By the way the procedure was done on April 22, 2016

    thumb Paul T Pashia
  • review rating 5  I made my first appointment with Dr. Tait in early 2019 after learning that he provides individualized medical guidance as to what supplements and foods help his patients achieve optimal health. I've spent my adult life following a healthy, physically active lifestyle, including taking supplements, based on longevity research. Frustratingly, over the past 40+ years alternative medicine doctors, nutritionists and exercise gurus frequently changed their advice, while my primary care doctor/s gave none and were annoyed that I refused to take prescription medicine. Learning that Dr. Tait relies on blood and other tests to determine patients' individual health needs, i.e. what supplements/life style changes they would benefit from, was an answer to my prayers. The first series of tests showed what nutrients my body lacked, as well as revealing I suffered from a leaky gut. One year later, after using Rejuv's supplements and making minor food changes, a second round of tests showed many areas of improved body functioning. I am thankful for the scientific, personalized approach offered by Dr. Tait, it is a game changer and I have never felt better.

    thumb Faye von Wrangel

    review rating 5  Dr Tait is amazing! Truly professional, thorough, and caring. He gave me so much more information about my condition then my regular physician and the “expert” he sent me to for MRI and surgery evaluation for my knee. I had a torn meniscus and a cost on my knee and after many consultations and MRI with my “regular” physicians, I was told to live with the pain as long as I can , and then if it’s too much to handle they will do surgery, which will be risky , with not much of a proven good results.... i have lived with the pain, and inability to exercise and walk much for 3 years . I am so happy to have heard about Dr Tait. He did a PRP procedure among other things on my knee, and like a miracle my pain was gone in about 2 weeks just as he said it would . I have been pain free and exercising, hiking ever since, about a year now. I have always been a believer in the healing power of holistic medicine and natural remedies and living, Dr Tait is a living example of all those.

    thumb Szilvia Culbertson
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