Our Why


We believe patients can create and control their own health journey, and that they can and should get better with treatment.

In a word, healthcare should be freeing – designed to give every patient the tools to live a life free of pain and sub-optimal health.

At Rejuv Medical Southwest, we partner with patients and communities to positively impact their health and happiness. We are committed to educating people locally and globally in methods and habits that can reverse and prevent chronic diseases while living a happy and productive life.

We do this by mentoring patients on lifestyle, and by always seeking to address the root cause of disease to restore health.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service, integrity, and value to those that trust us with their health.

Contact Information
P. 520.777.9385
F. 520.306.4843
Location Information
7790 N. Oracle Road, Suite 150
Oro Valley, AZ 85704

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