Health Transformation

The 8-week BioScores® Transformation Challenge

It is time to take your eyes off the number on the scale, and focus on your overall health!

Purpose of the challenge: To encourage you to transform your entire body, inside and out, not just to lose pounds. At Rejuv Medical Southwest we are focused on your total and optimal health, physique, and function.

Here is what you are going to get in the program:

  • 8 weeks of twice weekly training, in personalized small group classes
  • Complete BioScores® test  ($149 value) – What are BioScores®? – See below
  • Metabolic test, or indirect calorimetry, to calculate your exact calorie needs ($79 value)
  • Functional Movement Screen ($49 value)
  • Body composition (% body fat) test ($29 value)
  • Rejuv 4 Life Meal Plan – A foundational approach to nutrition that will help you drop fat and add muscle during the challenge ($29 value)
  • Access to Rejuv University – Our online learning resource to advance your understanding of anatomy, physiology, nutrition and exercise ($59 value)
  • Top-notch training/coaching/motivation/accountability throughout the 8 weeks by our medical and training staff (Priceless!)

When does the challenge start?

Each month we will launch a new round of challengers, awarding more winners at the end of each 8-week cycle.

How are winners of each 8-week challenge determined?

We will have award winners for each 8-week round of the challenge.

Winners will be determined by:

  • Total percent of % body fat lost during the challenge will determine best male and female categories. Again, we want to help you lose fat and gain muscle, not just drop pounds.
  • Facebook voting to be conducted on our Rejuv Medical Southwest fan page – will determine the overall transformation winner.
  • Friends of our page, your friends, family, co-workers, who like our page can vote for the best overall transformation.
  • Winners will be required to release a testimonial that we can share with others

Need extra incentive for the challenge?

For a little extra incentive, we have put up prizes each round such as:

  • $200 cold hard cash
  • $200 Rejuv Medical Southwest gift cards (can be used for gym training, cash-pay gym or medical services, etc.) for the winner of each category

Unlike other challenges we have had in the past, the winners of the contest will not win based on sheer number of pounds lost. It will be based solely on your transformation from start to finish.  It has nothing to do with the scale!

To apply for the challenge you must be willing to:

  1. Agree to taking a before and after picture
  2. Complete all pre-challenge testing before the last day of each month
  3. Work your tail off for a short 8 weeks
  4. Release your transformation success story if you win the challenge (We want to share your story to inspire others to take the challenge!)

(Optional: Volunteered transformation success stories donated by any other participants not winning the challenge will be given an additional two free weeks of boot camps)

Is there a cost to enter the challenge?

  • Registration entry fee is $50.00
  • Total cost of the program will be determined by the type of training you select during your consultation with our training staff. Some challengers add additional one-on-one training, small group, boot camp sessions to the twice weekly sessions included in the challenge.
  • You can train as often as you like to increase your chances of winning! (You could essentially train for free if you win the challenge)


What Is Medical Fitness?

In the past, weight loss programs were based on one metric and one metric alone: pounds lost.

Pounds lost can come from exercise, proper nutrition, or both – and that is still true today.  However, from a clinical standpoint, your total health matters more than than single metric of pounds lost.

Rejuv Medical continues to blaze the trail as we set new standards in the Medical Fitness Industry. In the past, we may have used food journaling with compared calorie consumption as determined by a metabolic test to program your body to lose fat.

Now, with the introduction of BioScores® we can examine a more complete picture of your health, internally and externally, as each individual moves through their personalized transformative health improvement journey.

Data tracking is all the rage, but knowing how that data applies to improving your health is the future

With now seemingly everybody tracking heart rate, steps taken, sleep quality, etc. with personal data trackers, fitness and health enhancement is becoming more sophisticated. While this data is very cool and important to start seeing some trends in your health and fitness, it is lacking in the ability to give you a total measure of your health. Are you gaining ground on your goals or not? Are those 10,000+ steps each day improving your health?

To better understand and answer those questions, we have created BioScores®!

BioScores® are calculations determined from your bio-metric measurements. It is an elegant solution to help you calculate and see the progression of your efforts without having to dissect all the complicated numbers.

Notice how this graphic shows progression and results.

Rejuv Medical Weight Loss Bio-Score Example

What determines the External BioScores®?

  • Height, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Measurements of the hips and then the waistline to give a ratio
  • Blood pressure
  • Tobacco use status

What determines the Internal BioScores®?

Internal Bio-Metrics are the newest addition to the medically supervised weight loss program at Rejuv Medical Southwest! These metrics are used to take a deeper look into your total health,  and can be used as predictors of your future health and risk of developing medical problems such as heart disease or diabetes.

Here is what we measure with the InternalBioScores®:

Total Cholesterol: This is a total measurement of the several lipoproteins of the blood. Those being LDL’s (low-density lipoproteins) or the “bad cholesterol” HDL’s (high-density lipoprotein) or “good cholesterol” and VLDL’s (very low low-density lipoproteins) another form of “bad cholesterol” in the blood stream. VLDL’s contain the highest amount of triglyceride and are difficult to measure directly, so are often estimated from the TC level.

HDL: Also known as a high-density lipoprotein, this is often referred to as, “good cholesterol.” HDL particles are responsible for transporting fat molecules out of the artery walls and to reduce accumulation of fats in the blood. We want to see HDL’s go up throughout the program.

LDL: Also known as a Low-density lipoprotein, this is often referred to as, “bad cholesterol.” LDL particles are responsible for depositing cholesterol on the vessel walls, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly atherosclerosis. We want to see LDL’s go down throughout the program.

TC/HDL ratio: This shows the relationship of HDL and total Cholesterol, a predictor of atherosclerosis.

LDL/HDL ratio: a mathematical relationship of “bad” to “good” cholesterol. A more proven predictor of atherosclerosis than TC/HDL.

Triglycerides: This is a floating fatty acid found in the blood-stream. High levels of triglycerides have been linked to common heart diseases and have been known to lead to strokes. These are also the molecules that become stored as body fat.

Glucose: Glucose is the primary energy molecule for most cells of the body. It is broken down and used for energy in the body. By measuring blood glucose we can gauge the body’s ability or inability to provide energy to the cells. Excessive glucose (not broken down for energy) is eventually stored as fat. An increase in long-term glucose metrics could expose evidence of the onset of diabetes.

Glucose: Here we are measuring the glycated hemoglobin. This measures the average plasma glucose concentration over prolonged periods of time. In other words, we can predict your body’s natural ability to control the glucose levels in the blood.

Where will the BioScores® assessment take healthcare and the way we view medical weight loss?

By implementing BioScores® with a comprehensive medical history and functional fitness and body composition testing, you will be able to see actionable numbers that actually mean something! We can graph these results and over time predict future outcomes for our patients and clients, so long as you stay the course.

Is it possible to lose fat, but not lose weight? How do I know?

The answer is yes. Fat weighs less than muscle so it is possible to gain weight and lose fat if you are adding more muscle mass.

How do you determine the ratio of fat loss to muscle gain?

With Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA). Bioimpedance analysis analysis is a simple, non-invasive, and non-painful way to assess body composition – or amount of fat compared to remainder of weight, or mass, of the body.

This test is not new to Rejuv Medical Southwest, however our understanding of what we can measure with it has certainly improved and has given life to the importance of utilizing the metrics behind the exam. The bioimpedance test measures body composition, and in particular body fat. It also measures the composition of Fat Free Mass (FFM). The FFM value represents everything added up in your body, except for the fat. FFM can also be referred to as Lean Body Mass. This value is a great indicator of an increase or decrease in muscle mass.

Let’s take a look at a real-life patient test. This will help explain the outcome of results.

Testing and re-testing is important for tracking clinical results

(During our BioScores® challenges we test participants at the start and finish of 8 weeks so that they can see in black and white how much their health has improved)

How to review the information given in a Bioimpedience Analysis report:

The Above Chart: These are the results of a 185-pound female at age 59. She wanted to lose 30 pounds to hit her goal weight of 155 pounds. If we were to look at sheer weight over one year we would notice that she went from 185 lbs to 174.4 lbs by the end of the year. Did she hit her goal weight? In past results, we would say no. She lost 10.6 lbs.

This is far from the truth! Let’s use the rest of the test results to pin down the real weight loss results.

Result of “Fat” in January of 2014 was = 84.1 pounds.

Results of “Fat” in December of 2014 was = 57.4 pounds.

This female subject lost a total of 26.7 pounds of body fat! Nearly hitting her goal!

Compare this to the pounds of FFM / muscle mass gained:

FFM result in January of 2014 was = 100.9 pounds lean body mass

FFM results in December of 2014 = 117.0 pounds lean body mass

This female subject gained a total of 16.1 pounds of lean body mass!

Starting weight of 185lbs – 26.7 lbs of fat = 158.3 pounds +16.1 pounds of lean body mass = 174.4 lbs!

Without these clinical measurements, this individual would be inclined to feel that the weight loss efforts were not that spectacular, but they were!

From month 6 to month 12, this client would have proclaimed that she hit a plateau! In reality, it was during this time that she saw the greatest change in body fat! However, this individual also saw a dramatic influx of muscle composition.

Wait—There’s More!

Metabolic Testing takes the guesswork out of eating!

This exciting technology measures resting metabolic rate.  It is a simple, non-invasive test where you breathe into a tube for 10 minutes.

After adding in your lifestyle and exercise calories burned, we can pinpoint the most calories you can safely consume and still lose weight. This technology is very important and is a huge asset for the success of your program.

We want you eating more! Yes, eating more!

The Metabolic Test will give you your resting metabolic rate and will allow us to measure an exact number of calories your body can consume in a day and still maintain your weight. Then we also can determine how many calories your body can burn with 30 minutes of exercise. No more guessing how many calories you should consume!

Example: If your test results come back as 3,000 calorie limit to maintain your weight, we would expect that you consume 6 meals in a day at roughly 500 calories each. If your 30-minute expenditure is 300 calories and you have a 1-hour workout in a day. you could consume an additional 600 calories and maintain your current weight. Or, if you do not consume that additional 600 calories, you would give your body the opportunity to lose weight! See how it pays to know your number?

The Functional Movement Screening with a Medical Fitness Specialist

The Functional Movement System is a neural-based approach to movement assessment intended to:

  • Assess and identify pain in fundamental patterns
  • Identify fundamental movement pattern dysfunction that we need to correct so that you can avoid injuries with training
  • Provide a baseline of exercise pattern competency for future training progression
  • Provide a standard for movement re-evaluation after corrective training has been implemented (if needed).
  • Movement corrections strategies are integrated into functional training progressions to maximize your mobility, stability, and efficiency of movement

What Is a Medical Fitness Specialist?

A Medical Fitness Specialist is more than a personal trainer to crack the whip on your training.

Our Medical Fitness Specialists can construct individualized one-on-one workout programs based on your health history, perfectly matching the training style to your current abilities with focus on your short and long-term fitness and health goals. They will also work with you on how to maintain your results through healthy, core lifestyle habits. Each training session includes dietary guidance, motivation and accountability.

There are also semi-private small group training sessions available too! These small groups are made up of 4 to 5 other training clients that are at the same level of fitness as you.

Boot Camps can also be medically supervised programs. However, they do require more self-motivation and personal accountability.

Appointments with Our Physicians

Patients that have limited movement or pain related joint dysfunction can be seen by one of our in-house medical staff, or they can be cleared by their own family physician before starting an exercise program. Each patient is screened and evaluated.

Non-Surgical Orthopedic Treatments and coordination of Physical Therapy can be implemented if necessary to address any musculoskeletal problems that may limit your success in our training programs.  However, medical accommodations are made and arranged for the patient based on their medical situation, and our Medical Fitness Specialists are trained to work through and around each medical condition.

The Rejuv4Life Meal Plan

The Rejuv4Life Meal Plan is a dual phase approach to clinical weight loss. There are seven key elements one must understand to achieve their ideal health and body composition. Have you hit a plateau? Are you not seeing the results you have been hoping for? Get the Rejuv4Life Meal Plan!

Rejuv University and the Levels of Education

Rejuv University is an online education platform used to educate our clients on Fitness, Nutrition, Psychology, Anatomy, Endocrinology and Physiology to ensure a complete understanding of the lifestyle transformation they are experiencing. Knowledge is power. Here at Rejuv Medical Southwest, we want to empower our clients with the best tools possible to ensure long-term success.

**Clients are encouraged to watch and test out of each level. As they do, their achievement status is earned as seen in the hexagon chart above.

Grocery Shopping Tour

  • Cruising the aisles to find all the healthy foods and saying goodbye to the bad ones
  • Comparing your favorite products and finding the healthiest options
  • Learning how to read labels
  • Learning to calculate serving size and calories
  • Learning to make healthy balanced meals

Lifetime Health & Fitness Guidebook

This book is designed to give you the knowledge to help keep you fit and healthy for the rest of your life. It will contain all the information you have learned while training at Rejuv Medical Southwest.

  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Individualized Meal Plans
  • Food Journaling Pages
  • Tips for Success & Personal Success Stories
  • All Previous Exercises Performed While Training
  • Body Composition Measurements and Assessments from Training Sessions
  • 200+ Healthy, Balanced and Delicious Recipes

We believe our Medical Fitness approach to health transformation is the future of medicine!

By collecting data, and measuring results withBioScores® we will be able to grasp a better understanding of your body’s ability to transform and sustain long-term health!  Never before has such an approach been taken to reverse or prevent chronic disease and obesity, maximize function, and maintain long term health.  This is the model of true healthcare.

Get started today!

Need one more reason to get started?

Rejuv Medical Southwest offers a 30-day, no questions asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you are not satisfied or see no value in your first 30 days, write us a letter and we will refund the cost of your training investment.

We will help you transform your life for the better. That is our promise to you!

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