Welcome Back!!! 

In Part 1 we learned that a little planning and prepping will go a long way to keep your diet on track to get you to your personal health and fitness goals.

Now that you have rocked out your taste buds and mastered the steps of preparing a healthy fun tasting meal let’s work on part two of getting the better you!!!

The next stop on the road map to the new and improved better you is CONSISTENT EXERCISE!

Yep, I just used another ‘evil word’ –  exercise.  For many individuals it seems hard to balance healthy eating, exercise, family, friends, and life overall. With the fast paced living we’re accustomed to in the U.S., normally one or two items have to give. Unfortunately, for most people it is either their healthy eating or exercise – OR BOTH! The good news is we can make both fit into our lives! Half of the battle is getting started, so let’s start here!

How many times have you tried a new workout or a new piece of equipment only to have no clue what the heck you are doing. I know when I don’t feel comfortable I tend to not do it. Again, that is a lame reason not to do the exercise or to learn the equipment. I’ve learned that if I pile up the excuses not to exercise, and fail to make me a better me, I was the only one to blame – not that stupid piece of equipment that I couldn’t figure out!

I am guilty of putting off the “getting started” part. I’ll admit it. A time or two in my life when things got busy (I have moved 4 times since 2010), I trashed my healthy eating and my workout program.

These are my observations:

  1. First, my stress levels would go up and my cravings for pizza, wings, chocolate, and beer would kick in! After all, it all tasted good, I could get it anywhere, it made life slightly easier – score, right?!  Wrong! It also made me tired, feel like crap and be less productive. Essentially counter-acting what I really needed and wanting to do. I was giving my body poor fuel and it would result in long, painful moves.
  2. Second, I noticed that since my ‘workouts’ got put on hold – I was a ball of knots. My normal stress release was working out and I figured by ‘moving’ I was getting a different type of workout, PLUS who has time to hit the gym while moving? Again, this was a failure on my part. That is exactly the time when I needed to make time to decompress and feel good. Understanding that I wouldn’t be able to do a full gym workout is one thing but to 100% not try to do any workout was a complete cop out.
  3. Third, I couldn’t sleep. I felt exhausted and I was crabby but when I would lie down I felt restless. WHY?! The simple answer is my body was not sure what was going on. I was not eating right (filling my body with crap), I was not working out (therefore I could not release stress or tire out my body like normal), and mentally I couldn’t stop thinking. All three components work together diet, exercise, and sleep. By failing on the eating healthy and non-working out my body could not relax to sleep.

So what is my point because not everyone moves as much as I do?

The point is that it may not be moving every year, but something else that you allow to get in way of what you know you should be doing to feel and function at your best.

Your ‘hang up’ might be you have three kids that you have to do the great after school activity shuffle with or you’re a single with a lot of ‘commitments’ pulling you in more than one direction.   It does not matter what ‘it’ is – what matters is how it affects how you feel and how it affects your overall health.  During your hang up you reach for everything that is wrong because it is ‘easy’,  its ‘what you are craving’, or simply because you believe it will give you ‘relief from stress’. These are the moments we need to reach for what is right and keep  moving in a positive direction!

What you have to remember is that life is ALWAYS going to be busy. That is a fact.

We need to fuel up on the ‘taste of eating right’ so that we have energy to tackle the gym workout, the move, the job promotion, or simply trying to get all the kids to their after school activities on time! We need to have solid fuel that will give us the kick, the focus, and the health to achieve our goals.

Let me make a side note here. I am not saying that you can’t ever have ‘junk food’, but you need to fuel up on the right food to ensure that you have a GREAT workout!

Add in these simple items daily and you will achieve your fitness goals faster:

•           Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

•           Walk around the block after a meal.

•           Make a new house rule – no sitting still during television commercials.  (Melissa put a great post up on our Facebook page, 5/7/2014, about easy ways to get small workouts in throughout the day. Check it out!)

•           Find time to spend together doing a fun activity – family park day, swim day or bike day.

However, all these activities are great to incorporate any chance you can, they do not replace a workout.

You do need to set aside dedicated workout time during the week to maintain your strength, movement and cardiovascular fitness. If that means Monday, Wednesday, and Friday less time on social media, then so be it! Be social in a fitness class with your friends, or maybe it’s time to meet some new friends if your’s don’t want to go.

YOU have to set a schedule and stick with it!  Mentally, emotionally, and physically you will feel much better – and after all, you are worth it!

Announcement:  Starting in June,  Rejuv Medical Southwest will be offering a limited amount of spots in our Boot Camp Class.

Check them out. I guarantee that if you sign up for a class you are more likely going to follow and stick to a work out plan – and get to your goals quicker!

Work with a training expert (like our very own Melissa York!), and she’ll make sure you get to your goals quicker than you can on your own – and also never end up the victim of a gym picture or YouTube video that goes viral for the wrong reason.

Bottom line:

This evil word ‘exercise’ is the second most important component to obtaining a healthy you!

A solid game plan makes you more organized and more in control.  So embrace the slogan “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right” and be in control. That control will allow you to reach your goals and achieve the life you want!



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