Does the act of daily meditation strike you as a daunting task?

To sit still with your thoughts while trying to block out the external noise of the world constantly swirling around you seems like an impossible task, right?

It does not have to be.

Just like you are practicing a morning Cleanse, Center and Kickstart routine, and practicing being mindful, it is really not too hard to implement the use of some form of meditation to amplify your success in every other area of your life.

[Success Secret] Talk to the highest performers out there – entertainers, athletes, high-level business owners – and most of them practice some form of daily meditation.

How to Make Meditation an Easy Habit

1. Make it easy to start – Focus on just sitting and breathing for one minute prior to starting into your morning and/or afternoon routine. You can build from there, but even the most fidgety and hyperactive amongst us can probably manage a minute.

2. Find your focus with a mantra or word – Many novice meditators find it useful to use a grounding word like breathe, and then your focus will become your breath – in and out. Others may use something like the word nature, to focus on a calm nature setting where they have been and have experienced feeling calm and centered.

3. Get a coach – There’s an app for everything! The meditation app we are liking right now is Headspace. You can be guided through meditations, and you can try it free for 10 days. Most are guided meditation exercises, so this will keep your focus on what your guide is telling you so that you do not have to live completely in your own thoughts for 1, 5, or gulp, even 10 whole minutes!

Work some form of daily meditation practice into your day.

Channel and center your focus.

Use it to dominate your day.

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