“Is the Health Care System itself the cause of your health problems?” It very well could be.

Especially if your visit to the doctor fits the status quo. You have probably experienced the 5 minute chat with the doctor followed by either a prescription medication to treat your symptoms or a complete dismissal of your symptoms all the while being told that you have too much stress and should take an anti-depressant or “anti-stress” medication. Maybe another medication or two for the pain, and a couple others for your chronic health conditions that are “irreversible”.

This scenario plays out thousands of times a day in what has become our health care system.

Today’s health care environment is not designed to improve your health. If it were, the health care provider would spend as much time as needed to help you understand your problem and take control of your health.  Now I know what you’re going to say – well that’s the system we live in, it’s the insurance company’s fault, or some some problem created by politicians.

Maybe those are contributing factors, but you have a choice. You have the choice to stay in a health care system that maintains disease, or you have the choice to take action and ownership – and create your own system of taking care of your health.

If the current system of prescribing drugs for chronic disease was effective, we would have less heart disease, less cancer, less arthritis, less diabetes, less obesity, less bone loss…  The fact of the matter is, the current system has not led to less disease.  It has become the 4th leading cause of death!  Consider the following quote from The Journal of the American Medical Association-


“Hospitalized patients had serious adverse drug reactions (ADR’s) and 106,000 had fatal ADR’s, making these reactions between the fourth and sixth leading cause of death.”

Lazarou J, Pomeranz BH, Corey PN. Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients
JAMA 1998; 279(15):1200-05.


It is easy to criticize something and sit by idly hoping for change.  That is not what this email is about.  I want you to be part of the biggest grass roots effort in the world designed to help change the lives of millions of people for the better.  A movement that teaches the lessons that what you eat matters, and how and how often you exercise is important.

This is a movement geared toward preventing health problems, reversing disease, and optimizing your health for the rest of your life – not masking symptoms and maintaining disease with a cabinet full of drugs.

Back in July my good friend, Dr. Peter Osborne, spear-headed a first of its kind, educational online summit called The Functional Health Summit.

What is The Functional Health Summit?

39 leading experts in functional medicine, nutrition, exercise physiology, dentistry, immunology/allergy, psychiatry, mind-body medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, and much, much more.

The Functional Health Summit Will Teach You

  • Why weight loss is never a one size fits all approach
  • Why your gut status is the key to restoring health
  • How to prevent disease before it happens
  • How common medications can cause Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • The myths the food industry helps perpetuate
  • Why everything you thought you knew about exercise may be completely wrong

Can I still get access to the Functional Health Summit?


Although the Functional Health Summit  took place online  from July 14th – 23rd, you can still get instant access to the entire summit for the low, low price of just $97.

What Topics Were Discussed at the Functional Health Summit?

Monday July 14

  • Dr. Joel Evans – Mind Body Medicine: Eradicating Stress With Natural Healing Techniques
  • Dr. Kelly Brogan – Psychiatry
  • Marc David – Food Allergy or Stress?  How Your Mindset Can Impact the Way Your Body Responds to Food
  • Ben Lynch – Methylation: A Missing Key to Optimizing Health and Longevity

Tuesday July 15 – Weight loss

  • Mike Whitfield – Weight Loss Transformation
  • Kelli Calabrese – Weight Loss Resistance and Detoxification
  • Mike Mutzel – Leptin and Weight Loss: How This Often Ignored Hormone Can Keep You Fat and Sick
  • Dr. Frank Tortorice – Diabesity: A Natural Medical Approach to Regulating High Blood Sugar, Inflammation and Obesity

Wednesday July 16

  • Dr. Arland Hill – Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Top Natural Solutions to Restore Energy and Vitality at Any Age
  • Shawna Kaminski – Female Fat Loss Over 40
  • Dr. Peter Osborne – The Medical Revoluation: How to Make Health Care Great Again
  • Dr. Charles Parker – ADHD Rules: Natural Approaches to Attention Deficit

Thursday July 17 – Men

  • Dr. Josh Axe – Core Health: 6 Philosophies for Health, Happiness and Longevity
  • Chris Wilson – For Men Only: Essential Strategies for Building Muscle, Getting Stronger and Shedding Fat
  • Rick Kaselj – Exercises for Injuries
  • Dr. Ron Grisanti – Functional and Natural Approaches to Adrenal Burnout

Friday July 18 – Disease

  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan – Natural Approaches to Autoimmune Disease
  • Dr. Brian Mowll – Natural Approach to Stop Diabetes and Blood Sugar Problems
  • Sayer Ji – Nutrition and Cancer
  • Dr. Scott Theirl – Functional and Natural Approach to Neurological Disease

Saturday July 19 – Females

  • Holly Rigsby – Get an Even Better Body Back (after having kids)
  • Dr. Zac Watkins – Natural Approaches to Healthy Fertility
  • Neghar Fonooni – Eat, Lift and Be Happy
  • Dr. Dian Ginsberg – Functional Medicine Approach to Hormone Rebalancing

Sunday July 20

  • David Meine – Diet Chaos: How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind
  • Dr. Sachin Patel – Digestive Health: Maximizing Health Through Gut Balance
  • Yuri Elkaim – Detoxification: How To Protect Your Body From Environmental Toxins
  • Brett Hall, RD – How to Support Healthy Digestive Function as We Age

Monday July 21

  • JJ Virgin – Breaking Weight Loss Plateaus
  • Cody Sipe, PhD – Never Grow Old! Harnessing the Power of Exercise for Functional Longevity
  • Lisa Helffrich, RDN – How Enzyme Deficiencies Can Cause Digestive Disruption
  • Dr. Bill Glaros – Natural and Biological Dentistry: Toxic Mouth, Toxic Body

Tuesday July 22 – Foods and Eating

  • Kathy Smart – Change What You Eat, Change Your Life
  • Jonathan Tait, D.O. – How Eating the Wrong Food Can Worsen Arthritis and Chronic Pain <—-Best interview of the event!
  • Ymis Barroeta – The Future of Food: Clean Eating Without Toxins
  • Dr. Russell Jaffe – Food and Chemicals: A Hidden Cause of Disease

Wednesday July 23 – Aging Well

  • John Rowley – Power of positive fitness
  • Dan Ritchie, PhD – Exercises to Improve Your Balance, Mobility and Agility at Any Age
  • Dr. Jeffrey Moss – Sarcopenia: How Age-Related Muscle Loss Contributes to Chronic Health Issues
  • Dr. John Brimhall – 6 Steps to Maintaining Wellness At Any Age

How much does it cost?

Archives of the summit (audio, presentations and transcripts) are available for purchase for only $97!

How do you get access to the content from this amazing event?

Click here  and get immediate access to the lectures, audio, and other free bonus content!

The information could change your life, or that of a family member or friend.

Share this with everyone you care about. It is truly life changing information.

Want to live the experience of a different health care system? One that restores your health, rebuilds your body, and rejuvenates your life?

Schedule an appointment today at Rejuv Medical Southwest.

Committed to your health,


Dr. Tait


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