John Tait, D.O.

Chief Health Strategist, Founder

After more than 15 years of training, and several years in practice, Dr. Tait found his true calling in medicine when he made the decision in 2013 to shift his entire practice to a Functional and Regenerative Medicine model. Since that time he has trained extensively with mentors in Functional and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Tait uses Functional Medicine as the foundation upon which to rebuild each patient’s health. If health is restored and optimized, disease is not present. Regenerative Medicine treatments including stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma therapy are then able to powerfully nudge the body back into balance by healing ailing and failing tissues in the body. His proprietary PATH process and unique practice combination of Functional and Regenerative Medicine has transformed the bodies and lives of more than 2000 patients since 2013. Originally from Michigan, with his wife Lisa they have made Tucson their adopted home with son Kaiden, and cats Slim and Shady. He serves his community of Tucson first as a regenerative medicine doctor, and now has expanded his reach beyond Southwest Arizona as an author, speaker, and health educator.

Dr. Tait is driven to create a ripple effect on millions of people in the United States and around the world by ushering in the much overdue evolution in how medicine and healthcare should be provided through a Functional and Regenerative Medicine model.


Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Detroit, Michigan

Fellowship, Interventional Spine and Pain Management, Rehabilitation Physicians, P.C., Novi, Michigan

Fellowship, Sports Medicine, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia


Board Certified, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Board Certified, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Osteopathic Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Board Certified, Sports Medicine, American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine

Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Level 1

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Level 1

Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition 


The Pain Free Diet

In this book Dr. Tait explains the powerful impact food can have to heal and regenerate your body, reduce or eliminate pain – or alternatively how daily food choices can drive pain, sickness, and disease. You will learn:

  • A history of the manipulation of our food from what was once health-promoting to what is now thought to be the driving force behind a true food crisis contributing to the escalating numbers of people living with chronic pain and disease.
  • “Healthy” foods that may not be healthy when it comes to their influence on pain and degeneration of the body.
  • An exact plan, including a month’s worth of recipes, is then laid out to reboot your nutrition to decrease pain and inflammation and put your body on the path to healing.
  • Learn more and grab your copy here – > GET THE BOOK

The Consumer Guide to Regenerative Medicine

With the rapid growth of Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Tait authored The Consumer Guide to Regenerative Medicine to:

  • Help patients better understand the science of Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.
  • Provide a concise update and what patients must know before getting treated.
  • Sift the bogus science, marketing sizzle and spin to provide patients the real science to make a truly informed decision.
  • Share his experience as a full-time specialist in the field of Regenerative Medicine for the past decade
  • Download a FREE digital copy of the book here -> GET THE BOOK

Training Affiliations

In addition to being the medical director and lead physician for our Tucson regenerative medicine clinic, Dr. Tait is an active member in several groups for ongoing continued education and training annually with world experts in the fields of Functional and Regenerative Medicine.

Bluetail Medical Group, St. Louis, MO – Regenerative Medicine Training and Research Affiliate Network

Living Proof Institute, Toronto, CA – Functional Medicine Mentorship Program

Origins Healthcare, Sugarland, TX – Functional Medicine Mentorship Program

Rejuv Medical, St. Cloud, MN – Regenerative Medicine Training


Associate Research Faculty, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Arizona

Consultant, University of Arizona Athletics Department


Hiking, canyoneering, rock-climbing, scuba diving, skiing, traveling, and achieving food enlightenment through culinary experimentation.


Darrian Piper

Office Manager

Darrian joined our team in July 2018. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, she has called Arizona home since 2000. Heading into high school Darrian had a vision of the life she wanted after graduation from Cienega High School. She planned to follow her father and brother into a career in the military. Her vision came to an abrupt halt her sophomore year of high school. While finishing a Track/Field meet, she had an injury to her left leg. After running a few tests, the doctors determined she had torn the ACL. One doctor from St. Joseph’s Hospital however was not 100% convinced that was the only issue with the knee. After going through more MRIs and tests, the results came back that she had osteosarcoma, a form of cancer, in her left knee. 

Blindsided by this horrific news, Darrian began her first round of chemotherapy at Banner-University Medical Center in 2009. Days, weeks and months went by spending what seemed likely to be the rest of her life in the hospital missing out on holidays and birthdays. As an additional part of her treatment she eventually had to have a surgery at Phoenix Children’s Hospital to remove the tumor. Due to the location of the tumor, it was recommended to have a knee replacement. This also was devastating news. Not only cancer, but now she would have to have an artificial knee. Extensive physical therapy followed the surgery but with tremendous pain and inability to straighten the new knee, the doctor’s suspected something may be wrong with the replacement. They decided to press forward with aggressive physical therapy to see if time would fix the issue. 

A year later, in 2010, she was granted her Make-A-Wish trip to travel to Disney World with her family. This trip was a much need break away from being in the hospital almost every day of the week, and allowed a distraction from the pain and suffering she was dealing with 24/7. Upon returning she went through several surgeries in attempt to fix her new knee. The last surgery only made things worse. Part of the lower leg became infected. After numerous attempts from her surgeon to control the pain and stop the spread of the infection, Darrian made the most difficult decision of her life. To alleviate the pain and have better function of her leg, she elected to have her leg amputated above the knee. As a young athlete, aspiring for an active career in the military Darrian never predicted this to be the outcome of her battle with cancer. Despite this life-altering event she chose to forge a mindset to be the best person she could be, and not let anything get in her way of a fulfilling life.  After her amputation surgery she never let it stand in her way, and never gave up on her vision to further her education and continue an active life.

She returned to high school and graduated a year ahead of schedule in 2012. She then spent a few semesters at Pima Community College before moving on to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration at Grand Canyon University. While at GCU, she was part of the Future Health Care Administration Club. In her downtime she enjoyed plenty of adventures, going on road trips with her classmates and roommates.

Since the amputation she has gone skydiving three times, has recently received her scuba certification, and she does not plan on stopping there. Although Darrian did not get to join the military as she had envisioned, she strongly believes that things happen for a reason. She chooses to live the best life given to her and is now focused on helping others through their own healthcare journeys.


Bachelor of Science, Health Care Administration, Grand Canyon University, 2017


Traveling, Scuba-diving, enjoying new foods at new places, baking, hiking, water tubing 


Denisha Brown

Client and Community Relations Manager

Denisha is another Midwesterner, originally from Indiana, who joined our team in January of 2020.

She started her college career attending University of Indianapolis. After 1 year of studies and running track, she then transferred to Indiana University. She completed her sophomore through senior year there, focusing on athletics, and diving into school work. She received her Bachelor of Science majoring in Health Sciences with a concentration in Heath Promotion.

Upon graduating she found her way to Arizona in September of 2018. Since making Tucson her new home, she has been exploring and researching what she wants to do with the next step of her path into graduate school to further her education in Public Health.

She loves helping people learn and grow healthier within her community.


Bachelor of Science, Health Sciences, Concentration: Health Promotion, Indiana University, 2018.


Traveling, kickboxing / boxing, hiking, running, water sports, going to museums.

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