Regenerative Medicine

  • Have you had shots or medications that did not treat the pain?
  • Were you recommended to “come back when you need the surgery”?
  • Are you tired of taking pain pills?

Regenerative Medicine can treat the pain and rebuild your body.

Functional Medicine

  • Have you been told “all of the tests are normal”?
  • Do you still feel there is something not right?
  • Do you want to feel and function at your best?

Identify the root cause of pain and disease!

Medical Fitness

  • Want to improve or restore your function?
  • Would you like to move better and get stronger?
  • Improve your overall health from the inside out

Restore optimal function at any age!

Our Mission

Rejuv Medical Southwest empowers patients to take personal ownership of their health through sustainable lifestyle interventions.

Our focus is to determine the root cause of pain and injury, not simply mask the symptoms with medications or other treatments.

Through a comprehensive approach that includes dietary changes with strategic supplementation, movement correction and strengthening programs – the patient will experience healing from the inside and out to restore and maintain optimal function at any age. Pain will be treated quickly and effectively to then maximize recovery, rebuild injured tissue, and empower the patient to prevent recurrent injury.

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