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Prepare - Repair - Optimize

Regenerative Medicine

  • Rebuild your body with leading edge treatments for joint and spine pain
  • A safe and more comprehensive approach to long-term relief
  • Harness the healing capacity of your body, eliminate pain, and restore function

Functional Medicine

  • Construct a pathway to restore your health
  • Determine the root cause of your pain or disease
  • Feel and function at your best

Our Mission

At Rejuv Medical Southwest we use a Functional Regenerative Medicine model employing state of the art diagnostic testing and comprehensive treatment plans to treat the root cause of pain or disease.

By addressing the underlying dysfunctional systems of the body you will experience healing from the inside out to restore and maintain optimal health and function at any age.

Pain will be treated safely and effectively with a comprehensive focus on form, function, mindset and the chemistry within your body. The goal is not simply to mask the symptoms but rather to build a long-term treatment and maintenance program to build better health and prevent recurrence.

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