On the weekends for years I’ve stuck to a pretty consistent plan to prepare for a successful week:

  • Define a purpose and set a plan for the week – what do I want to accomplish? Don’t just think about it. Write it out in detail (you’re more likely to accomplish your goals if you do) and keep it in your phone, notebook, etc.
  • Challenge my body with a tough workout and push it to do something it hasn’t done before. Progress the weight I’m using on a lift, work in a different exercise, or try something new. (I recently started rock climbing)
  • Engage my brain by reading and engaging in some form of practice to start the week having learned something I didn’t know the week before.
  • Get out in nature for a hike – away from the noise of what most of us battle during the workweek while stuck in an office. This has been shown to have a multitude of benefits for your mood, blood pressure, and perspective on life itself.
  • Prepare healthy meals and snacks for the week. This usually includes cooking a new recipe or trying a new food – what I call exploring food enlightenment.

This is my body’s required weekend maintenance. To power my mind and body, to deliver maximum energy throughout the day, and to propel and push towards my full potential in life – this is what I have found works for me.

On Sundays I hit the grocery store. Not my favorite activity, but I’m particular about what I buy, so hard to outsource it to someone else. Plus, I like to go in there after my workout sporting my Rejuv Medical Southwest shirt maybe a bit sweaty, or a little dirty from hiking or climbing.



(Don’t have one? Ask us about how to get one)

My friend Brian started this – wearing your workout like a badge of honor – to hopefully encourage others to get out and do something active. (His catch phrase is “get busy living or get busy dying”.) Going straight to the store after your workout may also work to repel some people so that you can get through the store quicker.

As I make my way through the checkout I’m always scanning the magazine covers. Is there really anything useful? Seems nowadays that most health and fitness magazine covers have turned into soft porn with improbably ripped men and women baring their bellies and backsides. Accompanying the pictures usually are titles such as “6 Easy Moves To Get This Butt” with a giant arrow pointing to 20-something female’s rear-end.

Ah, if only it was easy, or you were 20 again, right? I’m not saying it is impossible, but improbable, that many will attain this level of “fitness” with or without the use of some Photoshop-editing of the picture. There is also a strong likelihood that the model may also have used potentially dangerous drugs, such as diuretics, and extreme dieting for weeks leading up to the photo-shoot, in order to get that “shredded” look. Is that really healthy? I don’t think so.

Unfortunately this is the commonly depicted goal for those of us striving for “Health and Fitness” as the title of the magazine would have me believe. Little if any emphasis is placed on what I care more about for my patients and clients at Rejuv Medical Southwest – true health, form and function.

I’ve built my practice to use fitness as an integral component to restore your health. The goal is to improve form and function as a treatment for ailing backs knees or other joints, and to rebuild strength, endurance and optimal movement so that you can live life at your full potential – not spend your time in my treatment room. This is the essence of Medical Fitness. This is what we offer in our training programs at Rejuv Medical Southwest.

The programs are designed to allow you freedom of movement and the strength to walk, hike, run, jump, swim, cycle, or play any sport better by improving your movement, strength, and mechanics. The added benefit is reduction of potential for injury that may sideline you from doing what you love. I’m sure you can also “Build This Booty” if that is your goal, but we’ll make sure what you are building actually translates to something useful in life – unless that is you plan to be a cover model someday.

My goal for every patient or client at Rejuv Medical Southwest is to walk out of each session carrying your body with better posture and ease, to be able to squat and lift without your body creaking and groaning under the load, and to gain the necessary cardiovascular fitness and stamina to prepare you for whatever life throws your way.

Medical Fitness is not a trend. It is not something you will move into the garage in a few months when you get bored. Being functionally and Medically Fit means that your body is working at an optimal level in a state of health that is maintained (hopefully) free from long-term medications. It means that you will engage in your health and build a body so that you can take care of yourself, rather than be dependent on others.

This is the true inner strength and self-gratifying reward that will come with training for your personal goals and attaining them, not giving up when life gets too busy. What you will experience as your progress through our programs is the unlimited capacity and potential of what you will be able to do the rest of your life.

Dream big, but take bigger action – today.

To enroll in any of our fitness programs, please contact us at rejuv@rejuvmedicalsw.com or 520-777-9385.

Committed to your health,

Dr. Tait

P.S. How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? If it was to get in better shape in 2015 you’re in luck. I have a special offer coming to you next week to kick off February and kick butt on that resolution.

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