Visualization performed correctly can be extremely powerful in achieving your goals.

Do you see yourself already in possession of your personal goal(s) for your health or life?

Or, do you see yourself only in the struggle of trying to achieve the goal(s) for your health or life?

What do you feel when you consider those two options?

Now clear your mind, close your eyes (well finish reading this first then close them!), focus, and then see and “feel” yourself with the healthy body you desire, or attaining other personal and professional goals.

What is it you can now do that you could not do before?

How do you spend your time as you could not before?

How do you look at the rest of your life compared to how you look at it in the present?

The Body Follows the Mind

Many may think this type of exercise is “out there”, but it is an exercise that the highest performers in every arena – sports, entertainment, business – use to condition their bodies to follow that which is first created in the mind.

You cannot achieve anything in your “outer world”, or body until you first see it in your “inner world”, or mind.

Learn how to visualize your goals to actualize them.

Another mentor of mine likes to say everything is created twice.

Once in your mind and then in your body by the actions that follow your thoughts.

Is There Truly Power in Visualization?

Read the rest of the article I wrote on how powerful visualization can be. How powerful? Enough possibly to get better results in your workouts with 25% of the effort!

And then follow my 5 Steps to Create Actualization Through Visualization to set your mind and body in motion to tackle the big goals you have in front of you!

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