The statistics on chronic pain and health issues are staggering. The 2012 National Health Interview Survey revealed that over 25 million American adults experience daily pain with nearly 40 million reporting severe pain. And, health expenditures in general top 3 trillion dollars annually. In sum, these figures mean a lot of people crying out for relief.

Unfortunately, the popular modes of treatment accomplish little more than masking the symptoms. And, when symptoms are covered up, the root cause goes unaddressed. However, an alternative exists which promotes healing and uncovers permanent relief for chronic pain sufferers.

Why is your body failing to heal and how can you get a healthier body? Are you doing something which hinders your health? Read on to get to the heart of this matter and to achieve optimal health.

What Hinders Healing?

Several behaviors and thought processes prevent the body from healing the way in which it was designed to heal. Yes, cells and tissue naturally promote recovery and relief from pain, injury, and illness. Understanding the factors which block this healing is the first step to relief.

Keep Your Head in the Clouds

A lack of awareness as to symptoms breeds issues with recovery. After all, pain in the neck (literally) or a recurring upset stomach work to alert you to problems. While not all aches, pains and illnesses require emergent care or indicate life-threatening problems, the role of discomfort and pain is to get your attention.

Ignore the Signs and Symptoms

Many times, we Americans muscle through discomfort to get a job done, prove our strength or demonstrate toughness. Unfortunately, ignoring signs and symptoms hinder the healing process. Furthermore, not addressing symptoms immediately could lead to greater damage and the need for longer recovery.

Pursue Symptom or Pain Relief

The overriding method of current treatment seems to be symptom management. While pills, REST protocol, and other temporary treatments bring relief to get you back on the move, the cause remains. The result? Further damage, illness and potential disease rise in your future.

Fail to Consider the Whole Body

Often when problems arise with a knee, Americans consult a knee specialist. While this may be a due course of action, it proves limited in scope. A well-tuned instrument, the body works as an integrated system. In other words, each system relies on the others. A failure in one process leads to issues which then impact other systems.

Only Look Inward

A laser focus on the problem keeps contributing elements hidden. By not addressing these areas, healing is thwarted. Poor nutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, gut infections, and environmental and chemical exposure play into the symptoms experienced in the body. Considering only the internal factors in pain and illness limits the ability to heal.

Believe the Popular Myths

Writing-off symptoms as “no big deal” again delay getting to the root of the problem and postpones healing. The myths of illness or disease being a product of aging, a result of “wear and tear” or your genetics prevent you from finding real solutions.

The Alternative

Fortunately, another way exists. A more effective strategy for addressing health issues and promoting rather than hindering healing is available. These processes involve accessing and boosting the body’s natural healing properties through functional and Integrative Orthopedics.

Functional Medicine

Through a partnership with a practitioner, functional medicine works to heal a patient systematically. Recognizing the seven core physiological processes in the body, this medicine seeks to discover the underlying causes of illness rather than just alleviate symptoms.

Further, functional medicine understands the impact of external factors on health. The treatment methods used look to factors of nutrition, vitamin and mineral needs, gut health and environmental factors. While led by a professional, this type of healing is owned by the patient which proves key in regaining health.

Integrative Orthopedics

Minimally invasive and nonsurgical, Integrative Orthopedics employs treatments which stimulate the body to regenerate failing tissues. In other words, this cutting-edge technology uses your body to heal itself.

How so? Blood platelets and fat tissue is taken from your body and injected where needed are two such methods. Musculoskeletal and orthopedic issues, in particular, respond well to such treatment as you might expect.

Taking Charge

Taking charge of your health starts with knowing the symptoms which require attention. Then, you must take action. All and any attempts to ignore, avoid or circumvent pain or illness lead to delayed healing and possibly more serious concerns.

Getting personal

Both functional and Integrative Orthopedics personalize treatment to you, the individual., and your symptoms. But, more importantly, you and your doctor achieve the highest quality of health for your body.

This goal is met by treating the underlying cause of the problem by considering the whole of your body and its systems. This proves the only way to get truly healthy.

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