Regenerative & Functional Medicine Doctor in Catalina, AZ

anatomical diagram with joint pain flaresWhen you need a functional approach to your health, the team at Rejuv Medical Southwest is happy to help you. We are a part of some wonderful communities that work together to bring the best care to our patients. Our team uses a unique approach to health and wellness that brings healthier lives to those in Catalina, Arizona and the surrounding areas.

We Use A Restorative Approach to for Our Patients

We believe in a comprehensive approach to health and wellness for each of our patients. There are times you may experience joint pain, fatigue, or other muscular discomfort. Perhaps this is because of an injury or early arthritis. That’s where our approach comes in.

Our amazing combination of regenerative treatments and functional medicine uses your body’s cells to treat pain. Our goal is to use these methods and help you avoid surgery. This approach to wellness can help you if you suffer from:

  • Torn cartilage
  • Chronic pain from a serious injury
  • Lasting and painful inflammation
  • Damaged tissue

We believe it’s important to treat the source of the pain rather than the symptoms. By using your own body’s cells, we can do that safely and effectively.

We Take Care of Patients In Catalina

Our team is happy to offer regenerative care to the people of Catalina, Arizona, and the nearby towns. Catalina is a beautiful area in the foothills of Pima County. Over 50,000 residents enjoy hiking and golfing in this area.

Although you won’t find sunny beaches in the town, you’re sure to enjoy the desert sunsets and the beauty of the mountains. The Chamber of Commerce has more information on this area if you’d like to learn more.

Call Us Today For A Consult

Give us a call today if you’re ready for a new approach to chronic pain relief. The team at Rejuv Medical Southwest is ready to schedule you for a consult and create a wellness plan that fits your needs. We look forward to helping you treat your chronic pain.

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