Today’s tip is going to launch every one of your days towards maximum productivity and efficiency, whether you are working on personal, business, or health goals.

The credit goes to a mentor of mine, Craig Ballantyne, Editor of “Early to Rise,” and best-selling author of “The Perfect Day Formula.”

He is Known As The Most Disciplined Man in The World.

He may not be the most interesting man in the world, as that honor goes to the Dos Equis man. However, he is known among his peers as the most disciplined man in the world. He could be considered the definition of productivity.

His personal and professional habits propel his productivity. This allows him to run multiple businesses and achieve more before lunch than many of his peers does in several days. He never turned down a business opportunity that would better him.

In the book, he picks apart the habits that allow you to have more success and the freedom to live your highest quality of life. Contrary to what many believe is freedom – living life by the seat of their pants not be “stuck to a routine” or a schedule…..

Structure = Freedom
Discipline = Success

The book is totally worth the read, but today we will focus on one action item to think about today, and then implement immediately. He has every coaching client do this to launch their day.

Cleanse. Center. Kickstart.

Step 1 – Cleanse – Do one activity to cleanse your body or mind, or both!

Ex. I drink 16oz of filtered water immediately upon getting out of bed to help my body hydrate and clear accumulated toxins my body has processed overnight. After showering, I make my morning smoothie packed with greens, fruits and veggies, some healthy fats, and around 30 grams of protein (vital nutrition for my body and brain to function at a high level).

Step 2 – Center – Do one activity that centers you on what matters.

Play with your kids and see them off to school. Play with your dog, perform some deep breathing, meditate, etc.

Ex. I usually wake up my dog Max and let him outside, sit on the steps of my patio, enjoy the morning as the sun wakes up, and watch Max scout the yard without a care in the world.

Step 3 – Kickstart – Do one activity that will kickstart your mind and/or body into gear

Ex. My kickstart to the day is done at my (home or work) office. I brew a cup of tea, shut the door, turn on some music, turn OFF my internet connection, and work on a high priority item for one hour BEFORE the “busy-ness of the business” begins. This ensures I make incremental progress on my goals without excuses of “not finding the time.”

You will never “find time”. There is a finite amount each day. That is why you have to give yourself allotted time to do the things you need to each day.

You make time for what is important.

This is also where many high-performers insert a workout (I do better with evening workouts) to kickstart their day and make sure it happens before anything else.

Again, if it is important and you schedule it like anything else significant in your work schedule, you will be far more likely to do it.

Use this exercise to build these habits into your morning routine.

I guarantee you will get more work done, be less stressed, and make real and measurable progress towards your goals.

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