We believe patients can create and control their own health journey, and that they can and should get better with treatment.

In a word, healthcare should be freeing – designed to give every patient the tools to live a life free of pain and sub-optimal health.


At Rejuv Medical Southwest we use a Functional Regenerative Medicine model at our Tucson clinic and we employ state of the art diagnostic testing and comprehensive treatment plans to treat the root cause of pain or disease.

By addressing the underlying dysfunctional systems of the body, you will experience healing from the inside out to restore and maintain optimal health and function at any age.

Pain will be treated safely and effectively with a comprehensive focus on form, function, mindset and the chemistry within your body. The goal is not simply to mask the symptoms but rather to build a long-term treatment and maintenance program to build lifelong health and prevent recurrence.

Solutions – Not Symptom Treatment

Can you relate to the following, and demand better answers?

  • I sure don’t feel my best but I’m told my labs are normal
  • My body is in pain, stiff and inflamed, but X-Rays or MRI can’t explain it
  • My body doesn’t function like it used to, but others my age move fine

Functional Medicine is how we look beyond conventional labs and testing to get to the root cause of why you do not feel well. This is “basecamp” at Rejuv Medical Southwest where we prepare and plan a comprehensive regenerative medicine strategy to help your body heal – then guide you down the path with the correct tools to own your best health.

Simple Strategies and Daily Habits to Recharge Your Body’s Natural Ability to Regenerate and Start Repairing in 28-Days!

Surgery Is No Longer The Only Option

Many patients tell us:

  • I am told my knee, hip, or shoulder is bone on bone and I need surgery
  • I experience back pain, shots no longer work and surgery was recommended
  • I wish there was a safe and comprehensive approach to long-term pain relief.
  • Are there any options beyond pain pills or cortsone shots?

Regenerative medicine treatments are rapidly evolving. Regenerative Medicine is a new specialty in orthopedic care that employs the use of your body’s own healing cells and tissue to accelerate healing and treatment of pain, injuries, and disease. You may have read or heard stories about athletes receiving stem cell therapy or platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments to heal from injuries. We use these treatments daily to help the “average Joe” as well as athletes.


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) more than 52.5 million adults in the United States have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. More than half live with debilitating joint and knee pain, as well as activity and functional limitations as a result. 

Every day habits such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress will have a dramatic impact on reducing joint pain and improving health – even more than your genes!

Take our quick interactive quiz to see just how much you are aging your joints based on daily habits and activities (and even medication use)! You can also schedule a visit to our clinic here in Tucson that specializes in joint and knee pain treatments with regenerative medicine.

  • Quiz is free and only takes 60-seconds to complete
  • You will be sent your results by email with a series of low-cost or no-cost ways to improve your joint health


In 2012 Dr. Tait authored and published The Pain Free Diet.

In many cultures in the world, the oldest (and still most current form of medicine), is the food that is consumed daily.

Dr. Tait explains the powerful impact food can have to heal and regenerate your body, reduce or eliminate pain –  or alternatively how daily food choices can drive pain, sickness, and disease.

(New patients recieve a free copy of this book)


    review rating 5  I found Dr. Tait via the internet. I was at the point where I had to do something to regain optimal function. After reading Dr. Tait's website his words resonated with me, his thought about medicine were spot on for me. When I first arrived at Dr Tait's office I could barely walk my knees hurt so bad. That was the beginning of my journey to regain my health. After the first consultation Dr Tait suggested I find out what was going on (are not going on) in my body. I had a panel of test done to see what I was deficient in. Once that was accomplished we started to build with suppliments. My energy returned and I was able to exercise and my knees to hurting too. For now all is well......Thank you Dr Tait!

    thumb Cheryl LaBaw

    review rating 5  I am delighted to be asked to provide a testimonial for Dr. Jonathan Tait at Rejuv Medical Southwest. For the past few years I was struggling with deteriorating cartilage in both knees and because of that, my back. I went back to my orthopedic surgeon who after listening to my concerns about anesthetics and having observed that many friends had continuing problems with knee surgery he gave me Dr. Tait's name. I telephoned the next day and within a week went in for a consultation and two weeks after that had stem cell therapy followed by physical therapy. Eight months later I am even better that my old self and continuing to improve every day. Thank you Dr. Tait !

    thumb Miriam Bell

    review rating 5  Went from a level 8 down to a level 1 in pain. Back to swimming, hiking poles, yoga-all the things I love. Caring, thoughtful, articulate staff!

    thumb Mary Hetland
  • review rating 5  After an MRI showed that I had torn tendons in my hip, the physician I was working with referred me to Dr. Jonathan Tait. This was after a year and a half of no resolution after seeing various doctors, as well as trying physical therapy, and other therapies to resolve the pain. Once the MRI was done there were basically two options: Go the surgery route with a lengthy recovery time, or try Platelet Rich Plasma injections to heal the tear. I chose Dr. Tait and Rejuv Medical SW for the PRP injections. After two PRP procedures my hip is healing and the pain has lessened tremendously. I also had nutritional testing done that revealed some deficiencies that definitely were not on the radar from normal blood tests ordered from any routine physical. After 6 months working with Dr Tait I feel tremendous progress has been made with the hip and overall general health and well being. If you want to get to the root of a health challenge, rather than simply mask symptoms, then functional medicine is a path to consider. It is an investment in your health and I recommend Dr Tait as a partner in achieving positive results.

    thumb Shari Treiber

    review rating 5  I could hardly walk, and standing was very limited to 5 minutes or less, and I was always (even in my sleep) in pain because of my back. I had lost trust in doctors that wanted to put me on the road to recovery by means of surgery and/or pain killers. Dr. Tait was my last hope. It took a lot for me to hand over trust to a whole different kind of treatment, but I gave it to him. He listened carefully to all I had to say, he was compassionate, kind and patient with me. He did not rush me.. He gave me the directions of how we could proceed. Dr. Tait did not disappoint me. Today I am walking, and spending more time on my feet in the kitchen and in my garden. I am so grateful for what he has done for me, I cannot begin to express how grateful. I want to also give thanks to his staff Dawn and Janet who made me feel comforted, and well attended to at all times. For anyone who is in pain, give Dr. Tait a chance. I was blessed to have found out about him, and I hope my words pass to others in need of being relieved from pain. I can't express how much gratitude I have for him. If you're in pain, find out for yourself, give him a chance. I don't believe you will have any regrets.

    thumb N Noelle
  • review rating 5  Went from a level 8 down to a level 1 in pain. Back to swimming, hiking poles, yoga-all the things I love. Caring, thoughtful, articulate staff!

    thumb Mary Hetland

    review rating 5  Pain, chronic or acute, can be overwhelmingly debilitating and the road to recovery is not easy. As a member of a surgical team, I am blessed to have a medical background, but also little time to devote to rehabilitating an injury as it rightfully should be done. I was fortunate to have found Dr. Tait many years ago and continue to rely on his experience, knowledge, and willingness to work with me on understanding my condition and how best to approach it for realistic results. After five months of PT/Dry Needling/Massage and two rounds of PRP, I am able to competently perform my job without the distraction of pain and have gone back to a few of my favorite activities. In addition, I have begun to see a new PT, whom Dr. Tait reached out to on my behalf (albeit many states away). There are no better words that can be said, with the exception of thank you, for the effort and care Dr. Tait and his team show each individual on their path to recovery. You are much appreciated!

    thumb erin clair
  • review rating 5  I was told about Dr. Tait by a friend who had great success from her experience. I went to see Dr. Tait because I was having a lot of pain in both of my shoulders. After having test done Dr. Tait diagnosed the problem as torn rotator cuff muscle in both shoulders and a torn bicep muscle in my left shoulder. We decided on the procedure of PRP. The results are wonderful. I would recommend this Dr. to anyone who is tired of the traditional (now much outdated) method for fixing this injury. Thanks to Dr. Tait & his staff Jeri

    thumb Jeri Mullins

    review rating 5  After suffering from daily migraine headaches for two years and bouncing from one neurologist to another, I finally agreed to oblation of the neck nerves. This helped some, but I was still suffering with too many headaches (waking up with them each a.m.) The last neurologist I went to (Dr. Carol Hendricks) referred me to Dr. Tait to consider PRP. I was skeptical and it took me awhile to make a phone call just to check the possibility of a consultation. Janet (front office) answered the phone and was so kind and answered all my questions with such concern, I really wanted to make an appointment after talking with her. Best decision I ever made. I have had 3 PRP procedures and it has changed so much for me. No longer waking up every a.m. with a headache, wondering if I would be able to function through the day or spend it in terrible pain and nausea, taking whatever drugs I could think of to help me get through the day......That has all changed. It is so wonderful to not have those headaches and pain! I do have an occasional headache, but nothing that can't be handled with a couple of Tylenol......Big change from all the big gun drugs I was having to take just to function. Dr. Jon Tait is the best and he has the best office staff ever. Immediate attention is paid to my every concern and I tend to be a very anxious person! I highly recommend anyone suffering from unresolved pain in any part of your body to at least consider this procedure. I am thrilled with the results! Sandra Joy Van Hall

    thumb Sandra Joy Van Hall

Arizona Industry Leaders in Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Tait continues to pioneer the field of Regenerative Medicine, and further his training in the latest available Regenerative Medicine treatments at his Tucson clinic through strategic affiliations with world-renowned physicians.

Rejuv Medical here in Tucson is an industry leader in Regenerative Medicine.

Award-Winning Regenerative Medicine: This is all we do.

We have won awards from our peers for our innovative leading-edge treatments. You too can experience Rejuv Medical’s award-winning care, as shown in the following video.


Regenerative Business Summit 2017


Functional Medicine Success Summit 2016

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